10 Ways To Keep Calm & Stay Focused In 2013

VisionBoardPartysmI recently hosted a Vision Board Party and the event was absolutely phenomenal! Glamour Girls of all ages attended and we laughed, we cried and most importantly we envisioned our bright futures. It is always key to know what you want out of life and to go boldly in the direction of your dreams and goals. It can get frustrating along the way so I’ve provided you with 10 Ways To Keep Calm & Stay Focused:

C – Chin Up, Glamour Girl – No Matter What Comes Your Way, Stay On Your Feet. Keep Fighting

O – Own Your Dreams – You Have A Unique Purpose So Stop Looking To Others To Validate What God Has Already Made Plain To You. No Matter How Big, How Daunting Or How Much It’s Going To Cost, Own Your Dreams & Nurture Your Dreams.

N- Never Give Up – Whether You have 20 Cheerleaders Or 2, Never Give Up On Your Short Term Or Long Term Goals

F – Fight For Yours – Family, Friends, Future–Don’t Allow Satan To Cheat You Out Of Your Most Prized Possessions

I – Imagine Yourself In The Future – You Look So Much Better In The Future, So Why Not Envision Yourself As Being Out Of Debt, Being Healthy & In Shape, Being A College Graduate, etc. Whatever You Want To Do Or Become, Just Imagine It!

D – Diffuse Negativity – Turn Off The Television, Get Off The Telephone, Shut Down The Internet…Whatever You Need To Do To Steer Clear Of Negative Influences, Attitudes Or Cultures, DO IT!

E – Empower Yourself – Go Back To School, Learn A Trade, Ask Me About Glamour Girl Coaching. Do What It Takes To Push Yourself To That Next Level. Link Up With Someone Who Will Challenge You & Sharpen You!

N – Navigate The Waters – It’s Not Written Anywhere That Your Journey Would Be Easy So Learn To Navigate Even The Toughest Waters & Learn To Weather The Storm. You Weren’t Built To Break So Step Out There On Faith & Go Hard For Your Dreams.

C- Change Is Good – Your Surroundings, Your Circle, Your Television Programs, Your Hobbies, Your Environment. In Order To Be The Best That You Can Possibly Be, There Will Come A Time When You Will Need To Evolve. Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise–Change Is Good!

E – Evaluate Your Life – Look At Every Area Of Your Life–Spiritual, Financial, Educational, Relational, Social, Physical–What Things Do You Need To Change? Who Can You Recruit To Assist You? How Can You Improve In This Area By This Time Next Year? One Way Is To Create A Vision Board! Check Out The Footage From Our Vision Board Party.

Vision Board Party – A Party With Family & Friends

Keep Calm By Keeping Your CONFIDENCE In Tact & No Dream Will Ever Seem Too Big! Create Your Vision Board As Soon As Possible &  Begin To Focus On Where You Plan To Be This Time Next Year. If You’d Like For Me To Host A Vision Board Party At Your Church, School, Organization, Etc., email me at info@theglamourgirlmovement.com

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