Full Time or Short-Term Missionary Work

If you have a heart for people and for serving, missions work might be a great opportunity for you. Personally, I did not hear about Global Missions trips until I was in college. The churches that I attended as a youth focused on local missionary work like visits to local prisons and nursing homes, doing neighborhood walks and having community events. All those activities planted seeds in my heart that were watered throughout my life and motivated me to go beyond the local missionary work. With patience and hard work I was fortunate enough to go on my first overseas Missions Trip on May 27-June 5 to Africa. It was the most incredible experience and opened my eyes to the fact that God truly is everywhere and that my testimony could be helpful to someone on the other side of the world.

If you have you ever thought about going into full time missionary work or going on a short-term missions trip don’t wait any longer. At least do the research and get the ball rolling.

Check out my two friends, Greg and Kristen Evans, who are awesome full time missionaries. Read about their lives, view photos and find out how you can get involved. Visit www.gregandkristinevans.com

If your heart is burning to help people both locally and abroad, pray about it, speak to your pastor about it and when the time is right…Go For It…Go Global!

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