2009: The Year of DIVINE…2010: The Year of DIVINE ORDER

2009 was truly the Year of DIVINE. We were privileged to do a plethora of new things–launching new events, being a part of the biggest award shows in the Christian/Gospel industry, traveling to Africa on a life-changing Mission Trip, getting connected in CyberWorld, inspiring hundreds of people to greatness & so much more! In 2010, we’re expecting even more explosive things to happen and believe that it will be like DIVINE Dynamite all year long!!!

At the start of 2009 and during his Inaugural speech, President Barack Obama stated “we the people have remained faithful” and “the challenges we face are real, but they will be met.” He reminded us that now “our spirit is stronger and that we will not be broken.” However, our destiny depends on us embracing “the knowledge that God calls on us to accept” and that it will take the “faith and determination of the American people” to survive the tough times.

We have a strenuous road ahead in 2010 but we will remain faithful to what we know works to survive. Those ingredients include trusting God, being firmly planted in our places of worship, protecting our communities and creating a safe and progressive environment for our children–our leaders of tomorrow.

As we prepare for 2010 let’s take a moment to recap on DIVINE Magazine’s 2009 Highlights :

Stellar Awards
My staff and I had the privilege to cover the Stellar Awards and rub elbows with legendary gospel artists. (Scroll Down For Pics)

DOVE Awards We took part in covering the biggest award show in the Christian arena at The Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville, TN. (Scroll Down For Pics)

We also launched two exciting events that are scheduled throughout the entire year: BEAUTY SESSIONS, an event for ladies and FELLAS NIGHT OUT, an event for men. Both events were great successes and brought the realization that gathering in God’s name and doing life together are extremely important. Click Here To View Pics!

I also had the privilege to travel on a mission trip to Africa to share the message of Jesus and love on children at Care Points. I also kept a journal while I was on my 10 day journey and shared it in the Fall 2009 Issue of DIVINE (click here to view) to encourage others to go on a mission trip or sow into others who desire to go out as missionaries.

We have also tapped into the cyber world to increase our Internet presence by joining Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, & creating THIS BLOG. We also distribute an electronic newsletter to hundreds of readers entitled Bringing You Everything Inspirational to provide information about the positive events that are taking place around the city and beyond. The e-newsletter is also a great opportunity for business owners to spread the word about their services and connect with potential customers. (To receive DIVINE Magazine’s weekly e-newsletter email us). We also launched DIVINE Digital to allow more people to be impacted by our publication and went from reaching 1,500 people to a total of 5,000 people by making the magazine available in a print and digital format. We plan to double that number in 2010.

PARTNERSHIPS We partnered with so many awesome organizations this year including the Reggie Howard Foundation, Naked Truth Singles Conference, Annual Sickle Cell Walk, Hagar’s Ministry For Single Mothers, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Paradigm Dental Center, Norfleet Entertainment, Kingdom Alliance Entertainment, R.J. Groove Kingdom Party, Light Records, PKP Agency, JoVenTosh Couture, Judy Jacobs & The International Institute of Mentoring and a number of churches & ministries!

ADVERTISERS & SPONSORS DIVINE could not be where it is without the support of its Advertisers & Sponsors!
You know who you are and we appreciate all that you do & by sowing into DIVINE you are sowing right back into your business/ministry. May you, your family and your business/ministry experience extreme overflow and favor always.

READERS & SUPPORTERS Without your support our purpose of inspiring men & women to greatness would be null & void. Thank you for being with us for 3 years and for growing with us. We aim to produce a publication that gets better & better with each issue and to create as many ways as possible to keep you connected and motivated in life to do what you’re purposed to do! Thanks again for motivating us & letting us know that you like what we do!!! Words can’t express the appreciation.

In closing, I am elated with the concept of change and what’s to come in 2010. I hope that DIVINE has been a blessing to you in 2009 and that you will continue to support us in 2010 as we move forward in inspiring men and women to walk in their purpose.

Remember Be Encouraged, Be Grateful, Be Inspired!

DIVINE Magazine Publisher

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