“#2019, No Short-Cuts”

What are short-cuts? To many it is the easiest, quickest, or perhaps the shortest way to get things done or perhaps get to a specific destination in the least amount of time possible. For example, I’ve traveled the same road many times on my trips to Franklin, TN and of course Monday-Friday the line to get to this road is extremely long, and I’ve seen people who of course thought it would be best if they take a short-cut by cutting through a Walgreens parking lot to beat the heavy traffic. Now here lies the questions, did you weigh all the options of taking the short-cut? If I cut through Walgreens, will I really be able to avoid the rest of the travelers? Did you consider traffic from all directions? Did you consider that you may not be the only one taking that so-called short-cut? So, as you can see much thought has to be given regarding taken short-cuts. Though the word itself, “short-cuts” sounds like something easy and perhaps beneficial; however, that is not always the case.

This title hit me a few months ago during my morning drive when the driver behind me decided to take a short-cut to avoid the congested traffic and guess what happened, yelp you guessed it the driver ended up being further behind because he didn’t consider traffic from all directions and in fact for as long as I could see it took him a minute to be free from that short- cut, it was absolutely hilarious! However, what’s not hilarious is that I realize that in life we oftentimes try to take short-cuts as we believe that is the better option in that moment. Short- cuts can cause us to miss key ingredients needed on our life’s journey, needed to reach each destination that God has ordained for us.

As mentioned before taking short-cuts may seem to be what’s best but not always beneficial. It’s no different than when you’re cooking a dish but you’re really pressed for time and you decide to take a short-cut and you think “I could do without this ingredient” or perhaps you don’t have the ingredients needed so you substitute, how often does that dish come out like its’ original? Now it is possible that it could be better, the keyword here is possible or you may find yourself disappointed because you took a short-cut.

I believe we not only miss out on many blessings and revelation but at times cause a delay in certain deliveries because we’ve decided to take a short-cut as to us it was the better way, but to God it was not the best way or rather His way! Study the story of Abraham & Sarah and the short-cut creation of Ishmael instead of waiting on Isaac. Genesis 17

I pray this word provokes your thinking and cause you to be mindful of your decisions, no more short-cuts!

With Love, IMG_3695


Wishing you a Rich New Year!



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  1. OMG, I cannot count how many short-cuts I have taken that caused me to be stuck or I ended up at a dead end. I will stay the course and choose God’s route for my life.

    Powerful Word Min. TL
    Dr. Leigh

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