35 People Who Inspire – Full Profiles


Below you will read about some extraordinary men, women and children who were nominated by their family, friends and peers and selected to represent our 35 People Who Inspire. These individuals have recognized their God-given purpose, have been persistent with their dreams and have been doing some awesome and amazing things in their communities. These individuals are making a difference from America to Africa and in every industry from fashion to fitness. It’s an honor to show appreciation to these spectacular men and women for their hard work! Thank you to those who took the time to nominate the people who make up our 35 People Who Inspire honorees.

Kailysia and Kaila Beckwith

Yyuvone Heidelberger

Dr. Sheila Cornea

Reggie Kelly

Kenneth L. Robinson

Greg and Kristin Evans

Ginny Edwards

Ellen Olford

Elijah Townsend

Diane Cunningham

C. Joy Turner

Ricky D. Floyd, Sr.

Cindricka Arrington

Cassandra Jackson Jones

Alisa Caldwell

Shari Rigby

Beverly Borwick

Steven Hemphill

Robert T. Sells

Michelle McKinney Hammond

Felecia Taylor-McClendon

Nikiya Copney

Kelly D. Henderson

Lisa McClendon Brailsford

Andrea Logan White

David A.R. White












Debrena Jackson Gandy

45, Business Owner

Hobbies:  Ceramics, roller skating, dancing, reading awesome personal and spiritual growth books, sipping latte’s with friends at coffee houses

Church/Place of Worship: Christ the King  Bible Fellowship

Ministry Involvement: Director of Liturgical, Women’s Fellowship Speaker, Women’s Bible Study Leader

Community Service: Mentoring young women ages 15-30; Community College Trustee, Board Chair

Favorite Leisure Activity: Sun-bathing next to the warm, crystal clear blue waters of the Caribbean

What is your definition of an Inspirational person: They sparkle, and they inspire simply by their presence and energy

What is the difference between someone who inspires vs. someone who gives false hope:  With inspiration, the spirit is stirred. With false hope, the emotions are stirred.

What legacy do you plan to leave for your children/those that look up to you: A woman who fully unwrapped gifts and offered them in service to the world, with no regrets; who helped to transform thousands through her business, books, courses, and events; and who lived life fully – EVERYDAY, filled with joy and gratitude.

On Following Dreams: I believe that we are here on this planet to be a gift to the planet by following our dreams, which reflect our heart’s highest desires.  We are to be not only following our dreams, but actualizing them – and thus walking in joy, walking in the full expression of our inherent Greatness, and being reflections of the glory of God in our daily lives.

On Saturdays, one can usually find me sleeping in, relaxing around my house, and then going out on a date with my husband

What is your favorite quote/scripture: “Now to Him who is able to to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us.” Ephesians 3:20

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years: A network millionaire responsibly stewarding my money to uplift others, support meaningful causes, and to continue to transform the lives of others. Continuing to live joyously and joyfully, with great health and vitality; a popular keynote speaker, recurring guest on the OWN Network, and a popular national TV show guest_; the creator of a movement to transform the paradigm for love relationships and especially marriage; a New York Times best-selling author; traveled to at least 3 new international destinations.

10 years: CEO of one of the country’s foremost personal growth and spiritual development companies, and mentor to thousands worldwide.


Nuensie (Nancy) Suku Oakley

56, Entrepreneur/Business Owner/National Best-Selling Author

Hobbies:  Working and spending time with my family

Church/Place of Worship:OakridgeBaptistChurch

Ministry Involvement: None at the present time

Community Service: Raise money for abuse victims and cancer.

Professional Organizations: Thai Princess Non-Profit Organization for Domestic Violence

Favorite Leisure Activity:Reading and writing.

What is your definition of an inspirational person? one who is hard working, helps those in need and maintains a positive outlook.

What is the difference between someone who inspires vs. someone who gives false hope?  One who inspires also leads others to do good and change the world. However, someone who gives false hope just talks about changing the world but does nothing to put those words into action.

What legacy do you plan to leave for your children/those that look up to you? The certainty of knowing that even though life can be tough and unfair, if you choose to perservere, you can accomplish anything you set out to do.

 On Being A Leader: In my view, being a leader essentially means setting specific, measurable goals for yourself and striving to achieve those goals. These goals should be things that are derived from your core values, your “major life purpose” and should be things that will not only benefit you personally and professionally, but those around you also. I believe that if our goals are meaningful and purposeful, we will inspire, motivate and lead by our daily actions, perhaps without even realizing it. Again, it goes back to not only “talking the talk” but also “walking the walk.”

On Saturdays, one can usually find you: At one of my stores.

What is your favorite quote/scripture? “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? Continuing to work in my stores, perhaps opening new ones.

 10 years? Expanding my business influence through franchising. In other words, allowing other entrepreneurs to open and operate under the “Thai Princess” umbrella while paying me royalties in return for my management expertise and brand name.


Rhonda Garner Boutte

34, Walgreens Pharmacy Manager/Owner of Pouts & Winks Online Makeup Boutique

Hobbies: Traveling, Shopping, Writing Poetry, Blogging, and trying new restaurants

Church/Place of Worship: Looking for a church home.

Community Service: HIV Education, Mentor for students interested in health sciences.

Favorite Leisure Activity: Volleyball, Dancing, and Entertaining

What is your definition of an Inspirational person: An inspirational person creates eagerness to pursue your dreams no matter what the dreams may be. An inspirational person is a role model and inspires you through shaing their challenges and achievements.

What is the difference between someone who inspires vs. someone who gives false hope:  A person who inspires is positive and realistic. They help you embrace your true potential and also provides constructive criticism. A person who gives false hopes over-exaggerates the reality of the present time and sells a fantasy which is close to impossible to happen. False hope is an escape from reality to avoid negative situations.

What legacy do you plan to leave for your children/those that look up to you: The most important legacy that I plan to leave behind is that of love and respect. There is no amount of money that can replace the value of love and respect. I want to show, through my actions, the moral obligation and reward of just being kind and respectful to others. It comes back triple-fold  These values will make life less challenging and will provide foundation for building and keeping relationships in life. Relationships are a important. We cannot make it in life without them.

On Getting A Good Education: I believe 100% that education is the path to success. This stems from being raised by my grandfather who instilled in my brother and I that you can be whatever you want to be if you invest in yourself. He also stressed the fact that education is the only thing that you can earn and NO ONE can take it away from you.  Even though, school may be difficult for some, it is an essential guide to a successful path.  I was inspired to keep going down my educational path by my ambition to be better the environment from which I came. I was inspired by my mother and grandfather believing that if I kept up the good work, I would one day be a doctor and make them proud. I was inspired by the constructive criticism I received from the powerful teachers along the way who helped me realize my true potential. I am not a physician but I have my doctorate in pharmacy and I am grateful for the educational foundation that was laid for me throughout my journey. If I can do it, anyone can with perseverance, support, and motivation.

On Saturdays, one can usually find me either out of town with my husband and baby, shopping with my baby or out eating with friends. Some Saturdays, I work.

 What is your favorite quote/scripture: ‘Whatever you are, be a good one.” Abraham Lincoln
“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!” Audrey Hepburn

 Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years: In the next 5 years, I see my self stronger. I see myself more positive and even more giving. I don’t plan to change, i plan to do more with what I have now. I will grow as an individual and I will add and remove as I see fit!


Kenneth Johnson

CEO of Virtual Fitness 360/Personal and Virtual Trainer Martial Arts/Personal Security Instructor

I believe that an inspirational person is one who can inspire someone to be GREATER than they THOUGHT they could be, aspiring to higher goals than what they have placed on themselves.

Favorite Scripture: “Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” 1 John 4:4


Tangela Mathis

17, Student/Aspiring Dancer

I believe that an inspirational person is someone who inspires simply by existing and valuing their place in people’s lives. On Leaving A Legacy: I plan to leave behind “steel soldiers” or the kind of people who will fight for themselves and find freedom in self-awareness rather than suffering in the confinements of fear.  On Following Dreams: It brings out the best in you. On Saturdays, one can usually find me performing somewhere, at home on Garage Band making music and/or doing my chores. In five years, I see myself as a world renowned recording artist.












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