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Derrick Miles
He & Twin Brother Darrayl Miles make up The Dynamic Duo & are the Creators of Milestone Motivation  

DIVINE::Tell me about Milestone Motivation and what makes it unique?

Derrick:: Milestone Motivation is a marketplace ministry founded in 2009 by my identical twin brother Darrayl and I. Our focus is improving personal performance and corporate productivity by utilizing spiritual gifts. What we noticed in our former corporate careers as a sales professional and as an executive is that the lion’s share of workers are dis-engaged in their jobs (approximately 75%; source Gallop 2002). This dis-engagement leads to burnout, frustration and ineffectiveness. The financial results of this dis-engagement is an overall loss in productivity to US corporation to the tune of $350 Billion annually.

What makes us unique is that we help people discover and utilize the gifts they have inside of themselves to improve their personal performance. As a former executive who was responsible for improving productivity every year the most effective way to achieve this goal is for your people to get better at what they do. The opposite spectrum to the Gallop study of 2002 is that the small percentage of workers that enjoyed their jobs and were creative; have command of their gifts and talents and they utilized them daily at work. We call them the “Superhuman Performers.” Milestone believes that every individual is motivated, but it’s the Milestone Motivation that will find and utilize what you already have inside of yourself to achieve Superhuman Performance and eliminate burnout, frustration and ineffectiveness at work within one year.

DIVINE::Who/What motivates The Dynamic Duo?
Derrick::There are several things that motivate us, but the most glaring is that most people don’t enjoy what they do to earn a living. This simple fact leads to the burn-out, frustration and ineffectiveness we mentioned earlier. We are convinced by our own experiences, research and interviews with successful executives, entrepreneurs, celebrities and faith based leaders that this trend can shift when workers recognize what they already have inside themselves.

Another motivator is helping people not make the same mistakes we made. Case in point; chasing the American dream. I’ve had all the comforts of the so-called American dream and at the end of the day I was asking myself there has to be more to life than having a bunch of degrees, big houses, cars and a bank account. What I do now to help others has brought me more joy and growth opportunities in one year than the previous 37.

DIVINE::What your best advice about achieving success?
Derrick::One of the least understood principles for success, but most vital is that your God given gift will make room for you. What you were designed to be known for is your gift. It is in exercising this gift that you will find real fulfillment, purpose and contentment in your work. The same way Pharaoh appreciated the gift of Joseph is the identical appreciation workers will receive when they bring their gifts to work with them. To assist workers understand the gifts they have inside of themselves we created the Milestone Marketplace Gift Assessment. The assessment identifies 14 Spiritual Gifts that are pertinent to the marketplace. After completion of the Free 56-question online assessment workers will be better equipped to utilize the gifts inside of themselves to achieve Superhuman Performance. (www.milestonemotivation.com/gifts)

DIVINE::Who is your favorite Superhuman Performer? Why?
Derrick::I would say I have two favorite Superhuman Performers. The business example would be Peter J. Daniels and church example would be Pastor Sunday Adelaja. Both individuals came from extreme humble beginnings. Peter J. Daniels was an illiterate brick layer at the age of 26, but was obedient to God’s word and used the gift planted in him that ultimately positions to give away more money in a lifetime than any other human being.
Pastor Sunday Adelaja is a Nigerian born leader in Ukraine and for four years no one showed up to his church until he also utilized the gift of Helps and now he has the largest church is Eastern Europe. What also makes them my favorite is that they travel the globe sharing their knowledge to the world to benefit mankind. The gestures of both men motivated us to create products akin to our book “Superhuman Performance and Superhuman Performance II” to share what we learned with the world so that people understand the power of what God has put inside of them.
DIVINE::What success tool could you not live without? Why?
Derrick:: The success tool I couldn’t live without would be having a coach. If Tiger Woods needs a golf coach to improve his performance; then workers need a workplace coach to improve their performance. Personally, I have a business coach, a speaking coach, a PR coach and a Biblical Entrepreneurship coach. This investment has saved us thousands of dollars, generated multi-million dollar ideas and accelerated our business model to provide immediate value to our customers. However, we also recognize that securing a coach maybe out of the financial grasp of some workers. As a result, we have created a self-study program “Make Room In Your Life…Now! to allow workers to begin to realize the power of their spiritual gifts with a nominal investment.
DIVINE::Tell me about your new collection of books? What can readers expect?
Derrick::Our book collection include Superhuman Performance and Superhuman Performance II: Utilizing Your Gifts to Perform at Extraordinary Levels. In this series, our readers will benefit from world-wide research of successful executives, entrepreneurs, celebrities and faith based leaders. What we found is that the industries most successful know their Gifts and put them into practice each day in their life. To easily digest the thousands of hours of research and hundreds of interviews, we split the book into two digestible smaller works.
Superhuman Performance teaches us the Gifts of Administration, Craftsmanship, Discernment, Encouragement, Faith, Giving, and Helps/Service.

Superhuman Performance II continues the discussion by teaching us the Gifts of Hospitality, Knowledge, Leadership, Mercy/Compassion, Teaching, Wisdom and Writing.
After reading this revolutionary series, workers and corporations alike will have learned the key concept to achieve peak performance from each individual in the marketplace. Individuals that learn their Gift will have the foundation for experiencing joy, fulfillment and personal satisfaction in their work. Corporations will have a footprint to develop their workers that will lead to higher sales, customer service and higher productivity/performance.
DIVINE::What projects do you have planned for 2011?
Derrick::We are really excited about 2011. First and foremost we have the opportunity to share what we learned from the world’s most successful executives, entrepreneurs, celebrities and faith based leaders to help improve the lives of others. We will be using the “Superhuman Performance” platform to share our knowledge through speaking engagements, seminars, training and coaching in faith-based and Christian corporate environments. We have partnered with some of the best marketplace ministries akin to Get Motivated, Dr. Robb Thompson, eShopEarns.com/milestone, etc to offer over $2k in complimentary tools to anyone that pre-orders “Superhuman Performance, Superhuman Performance II or both.

2011 is also a year we have begun the Milestone Motivation WorkLife Coaching System. This free online WorkLife Coaching System is delivered to the inbox twice per week for subscribed members and helps workers to deal with the issues that cause employees to lose their rhythm. Click the corresponding link to subscribe: (http://msg1svc.net/forms/TN/1/milestone/index.jsp).

Finally, we are looking forward to producing an infomercial for Superhuman Performance which will include vignettes from several individuals that are included in the book series. This format will allow us to reach people worldwide about the importance of utilizing their gifts to perform at extraordinary levels.

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