7 Step Plan to Fab & Glam with Dr. Laureen Wishom


Three and one-half years ago, I gained 55+ pounds from taking a medically-prescribed steroid.  To most everyone, I was still a happy, confident and successful entrepreneur.

Most people did not know that the happy and confident entrepreneur was crying on the inside.  I can remember so many times looking in the mirror and wondering who was that person looking back at me.

I also remember thinking about the times in my life when I was able to reach my dreams and intentions (leaving corporate America, making an investment to grow my business, hiring my current team, etc.). Each and every time I succeeded was due to changing my mindset and ultimately making a ‘radical decision’ based on what I wanted to accomplish.

So I changed my mindset (attitude) and made a ‘radical decision’ (healthy lifestyle) and now 55+ pounds lighter, here’s my 7 Step Plan to Fab & Glam™:

1. Get an Inspiration Piece: In the very back of my closet was a black leather skirt (size 8) that I absolutely loved.  I could no longer wear that gorgeous skirt.  My desire was to be able to wear it again.  It became my inspiration piece.

2. Prepare for the Race:  Schedule a physical examine including a well-woman exam, cholesterol check, blood pressure check (strive for 120/80), and select a vitamin and supplement plan.

My additional secret weapon for preparing for the race was to not only pray for health and success on a daily basis but to also pray before and after each workout.  I knew that I needed God’s special blessing to achieve my goal.

3. Establish Benchmarks: The weight gain moved me from a size 8 to a size 16.  I pulled out a favorite dress that was a size 14 (benchmark #1), then I remembered those great pair of gray slacks that I loved.  They were a size 12 (benchmark #2).  Then I saw that awesome two piece suit which at one time looked absolutely stunning on me – it was a size 10 (benchmark #3).  Now I was ready to start the process.

4. Develop a Plan: Health and Fitness is one of the eight segments on The Wheel of Life so it became the first segment of my focus for a healthy lifestyle.

The Wheel of Life is designed to help you consider each area of your life and assess what areas are off balance or need more attention. My Wheel of Life includes Health/Fitness, Relationships, Career/Business, Financial, Fun/Recreation, Friends/Family, Spiritual/Mental, and Personal Growth.

I realized that in order for me to excel in the other segments on the wheel, I knew that I had to start with health and fitness.

So here are some strategies from the Fab & Glam Plan taken from my book: Fit Fine & Fabulous in Career, Business & Life:

1. Prepare exercise clothes the night before, and keep your bag by the door or in your car for easy access.

2. While watching TV, exercise during commercial breaks.

3. Exercise on the floor while supervising your children at play or while they are completing their homework. You can perform squats, lunges, and

sit-ups while providing a positive example of how important it is to make exercise a priority.

4. Exercise while waiting for the microwave to ding. Perform squats or sit-ups and see how many you can complete before your food is ready. You will be shocked at how much you can strengthen and challenge your muscles in a few short minutes.

5. Exercise while waiting for the train or bus to arrive. Squats, stretches, or rhythmic tightening of your abs or glutes are a great way to pass the wait time, and they will keep you warm in cold weather.

6. Spend 15–30 minutes of your lunchtime walking up and down the stairs of your office building.

7. Exercise while you read/study. You can perform the “hold the plank” exercise or a wall squat as you read. See how long you can hold the squat position (i.e., how many words, paragraphs or pages can you read before you must stop and rest). Plus, exercise increases your energy and will help keep you alert during long study sessions.

8. Practice the 10-Minute Rule: complete at least 10 minutes of physical activity each day. Every little bit counts and it is a great way to form the exercise habit. Would you believe that I do butt tucks while waiting in line at the grocery store?

9. Remember there is absolutely nothing selfish when you make your health and fitness a priority. You must take care of yourself in order to take care of others.

10. For maximum results exercise 3 to 4 times a week for 45 minutes per time and limit your carb and calorie intake.

5. Enjoy the Journey:  Changing anything in one’s life can be challenging and sometimes traumatic.  For many people, change is the #1 thing next to public speaking that most people dread.  I have learned that when you make a ‘radical decision’ you must find a way to enjoy the journey.

Here’s how you can enjoy the journey to becoming Fab & Glam:

1. Stop criticizing your looks, your body, and who you are.

2. Look for the right health and wellness solutions that works for you

3. Know that it is a process and if you take consistent baby steps, you will get the results.  You may fall off the horse from time to time; just be prepared to keep climbing back on.

4. Stay focused on what success means to you, not what it means to others.

5. Celebrate every success before you start the actions to achieve your next success.

6. Tread the Course: If your 7 Step Plan to Fab and Glam is designed for you to walk in flats, then tread the course with ease. If your 7 Step Plan requires you to walk in stilettos, then don’t miss a beat. If your 7 Step Plan is designed for running shoes, then sprint the course with grace. The key is to always finish what you start – never stop short of your dream(s).

Dr laureen 6424 print

7. Get Ready for Your Fit, Fine & Fabulous: Fit, Fine & Fabulous doesn’t require you to live by someone else’s definition of success. It’s never based on the number on your scale, your dress size, your fabulous shoe collection, or if you do or do not believe you need Botox, a chemical peel or a body wrap. It is never the practice of depending on external validation to define your significance or your self-worth.

Fit, Fine & Fabulous is loving who you are—no matter your size, your shape, what you look like or don’t look like, or where you are in your career or your business— it is the process of being willing to make a ‘radical decision’ to achieve a better you.

Your future is where you see the end from the beginning in order to arrive at your intended destination.  Never give up, never back down, and never lose the faith.

If you are wondering what you can eat that tastes good and is healthy for you, here are some of my  favorite meals:

–       Blackened Tilapia

–       Seasoned Sautéed Vegetables (red and yellow bell  peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, garlic, red and white onion)

–       Yellow Rice (sometimes I cook a Black Rice)

–       Finely Chopped Tossed Salad (low cal dressing – I like low cal Spicy Italian)

–       16 oz Glass of Water with 1 lemon slice and a Sprig of Rosemary

–       Glass of White Wine

Approx. 600 calories

Bon Appétit!

If you would like more information about my 7 Step Plan to Fab & Glam you can call me at 281.584.0348, or visit my website at www.drlaureen.com(achiever’s university), or you can order my book at www.fitfinefab.com or www.amazon.com.  You can also request a private consultation by emailing me at drlauren@drlaureen.com (subject line: Fab to Glam).

Isn’t it time that you make a radical decision!?

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