“A Determined Woman”: A Mother’s Day Tribute

From drugs, to a teenage mother, to a Doctorate Graduate, yelp, that’s my Momma! I thought since we have Mother’s Day this month, who better to talk about than my Mother!

I’ve watched my mother endure many trials and tribulations. From times of homeliness, times of sickness, for which the doctors couldn’t figure out what was going on, to times of being lied on, persecuted, and even betrayed, now while all this would make one want to run the opposite way from Jesus, it made her stronger in Him, bigger and better in Him!

Today when I look at my mom, I see a determined woman, who stops at nothing to be different and to make a difference here on earth. She was determined not to be what they said she would be and to do what they said she couldn’t do (“they” meaning haters). She was not going to be defined by her past. Through it all she stayed the course by remembering “she can do all things through Christ that strengthens her.” This should be the mantra for every determined women, and while I am not trying to exclude the men, this one is for all the Women that are determined to be great!

Look at the woman with the 5 kids who was determined to be an attorney, she didn’t let her past stop her, she pressed toward the mark until she received her degree and if you’ve read the story then you know she did! Likewise, with my Mom, she continued to press through the fire, through the storm, through the hail and the rain until she reached that glorious day, Saturday, May 5, 2018, where she received the highest degree ever and that was her Doctorate Degree and officially became Dr. Carolyn J. Leigh! Now she is preparing to move on too much greater things that the Lord has planned for her to do on earth!

Let my Mother’s story and the story of many others be a testimony for all the women that may be wondering if you can do this or do that…. YES, YOU CAN BECAUSE YOU TOO “CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHICH STRENGTHENS YOU!!!!” (Philippians 4:13)


Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. BEAUTIFUL! BEAUTIFUL! Very true! And very well expressed!
    Spoken into being!

  2. Awesome! First Congratulations to Dr. CJ Leigh, as I have always said….and will continue to say…..CJ Leigh has always been about her Father’s business. I wish you the best that any woman can have in this side of heaven and earth…..You have done a wonderful thing….Tanika, great job in expressing your mother’s accomplishment….take care.

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