Whenever we enter a new season I’m always tempted to think about the seasons that we encounter in our lives. Some of our seasons are plentiful, some are barren and some are stagnant. When we are in the midst of a good season we are the happiest people alive but when our seasons are not so pleasant we tend to withdraw from the world. Philippians 4:11 (KJV) urges us to “be content in whatever state we are in”. I admit this is hard to do when faced with family sickness or unpleasant co-workers or other tough situations, but it is definitely a good challenge to Christians. As we are blessed with cool Fall evenings, the beautiful colors that drench the leaves, and the smell of the crisp morning air let’s remember to do a few things:

  • Display cool, calm and even cheerful countenances no matter what.
  • Reflect upon your attitude, your demeanor and your moods.
  • Remember to express beautiful spirits and speak pleasant words.
  • Plant good seeds for a bountiful harvest.
  • Blossom in the Spirit of God.
  • Most importantly, allow God to do a “new” thing within you during this new season!

Enjoy Fall!

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