A Sneak Peek At A Few Chapters

Here Are a Few Chapter Summaries:

Chapter 1: It’s What’s On The Inside

Describes the beauty that God has placed on the inside of every woman that He has created.

Chapter 3: Beauty Transformation

Emphasizes the importance of taking the time to level with God. Reminds women that regardless of where they’ve been in life, there is always room for a beauty transformation of the soul.

Chapter 5: Covering It Up

Takes a unique look at what is known in the beauty world as concealer. Spiritually this is applied to the way God covers our sins with His mercy and grace. This chapter will reveal to women how all of their sins are forgiven like a stroke of a brush.

Chapter 8: Esther: The True Glamour Girl

Explores the life of Queen Esther. Takes in depth looks at Esther’s rise to queen with an exciting venture to history’s first beauty contest.

Chapter 10: Pleased With The Results

Impresses upon women that the harvest that is reaped after the months and sometimes years of sowing is priceless.

Chapter 12: Timeless Beauty

Focuses on the joy of being in God’s will. Teaches that trusting in God has excellent benefits and eternal rewards. Reminds women that the ultimate goal is to prepare for eternity.

Beauty That Never Fades

Closes out the book with last words from the author.

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  1. I’ve just started the book, but one think that stands out right now is the fact that as humans we think we know it all. We act as if we have the power to make the best choices in life. The reality is we limit ourselves because while we are so certain to know the answers we fail to realize that God knows ALL, the beginning, the middle, and the end. We limit ourselves when we trust self instead of God. As the author stated, “God can give us diamonds and then some.” Let’s stop limiting self and start trusting God.

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