Allow Me to Introduce Myself

professional photoGreetings DIVINE magazine readers! My name is Joyce Kyles, and I am honored to have the opportunity to share my insights on this platform. My blog, Divine Revelations, will focus on my professional and personal experiences & education on issues related to everything from fashion and travel to domestic violence and personal development.

I am a national speaker, trainer and survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault. I am the Executive Director of a non profit organization called Walking Into A New Life, Inc. I host a radio show called Boots on the Ground. The focus is to feature lessor known individuals as well as those who are highly profiled who work in the trenches to bring about awareness and change about social issues that matter most to communities around the country.

In addition to the titles I mentioned, I’m also a newlywed (I’ve been married a 1 1/2 years), a mother, college graduate, certified travel consultant, jewelry consultant and community leader. I’ve been exposed to a lot in my lifetime, and I believe that my spiritual foundation has given me the courage and strength to move forward despite some challenging adversities. I hope that you’ll find my words to be insightful, courageous, informative and educational.

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