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"Basking in the Rains of Success"

“Basking in the Rains of Success”

It is always a blessing to meet, network and get to know your colleagues and to take an active, sincere interest in what they are doing. Well, it is for this writer – I find countless ways to thank God for the awesome people he places in my life; “for whatever the reason or season is.”

To shed as much light as possible on this mega, multi-talented Woman of God known as “Mogul
ReinChild”, “ReinChild” and sometimes just “Rein.” It is indeed an honor and a refreshing twist to any writer, capturing their success with the proverbial pen, indeed. Born Areina Plowden, it wasn’t hard to segue over to the name “ReinChild” This lady has proven time and time again, that she has been blessed with the Midas touch of success and experiencing, God’s pouring rain of goodness too.

ReinChild has been prominent in entertainment industry for the past ten years. She has garnered the support of online and FM radio listeners, national/urban media outlets. National celebrities, and sports officials alike.

In 2002, while a student at Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts; she landed a position as the Director and Assistant Editor for a television show and interned as a Morning Show producer at FM 90.9.

In 2003, while attending Rochester College, ReinChild and a close friend created “The Koffey Show” and she soon became the Director and Editor in Chief of that show.

Choice ventures like those, combined with additional educational accreditation from Ashford University helped her to excel at a rapid and blessed rate.

The “Motion Picture Institute” and the Detroit Entrepreneurship Institute” led to several positions in the Broadcast Media and Journalism field. Including, but not limited to; ESPN, FM Radio, and a variety of online and print publications as well.

ReinChild has self-published two titles under her publishing company, Reinchild Productions, Inc. They are, “Sess Obsession” and “How to Escape the Black Woman Syndrome”, which was re- released in 2013.

The second key point of success is the multiple streams of income planned through the syndication of online as well as land line stations. RIOT RADIO ™ was branded to be duplicated in “any urban city across the nation and beyond”.

Once an Atlanta resident, ReinChild dedicated her time and resources working as an Entertainment and Sports Publicist. Her “who’s who” roster allowed her to work with many “A-list Clients “there in the ATL and beyond.

In 2011, she began blogging for “NBC 11Alive-Atlanta, GA”, in the capacity of the “Where U Live” content writer. She was also nominated as the “People Choice Favorite Detroit Radio Station “Award.

A synopsis of this amazing lady’s Work and Education history in a nutshell, because Reinchild never plans to stop learning and “making it happen” with her gifts and talents. –DAC-

Partial Experience:

Reinchild PR Firm: CEO | Senior Publicist · Los Angeles, California · Aug 1, 2013 to present

Creative Artist Elite Music School, Senior Publicist · North Hollywood, California · 2013 to present day.

Her academic accomplishments include:

University of Phoenix: Class of 2011 · BA · Public Relations · Marketing · Phoenix, Arizona

Full Sail University * 2012 to 2016 · Sports Media and Marketing · Winter Park, Florida.

Ashford University, Public Relations, Atlanta, GA.

Rochester, Michigan. And Specs Howard School of Media Arts, Southfield, MI

ReinChild has plans to take the broadcasting game and more,  to another level! So watch out world!

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