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sonjastellarawrdspic sonatrevankevinEvangelist Sonja Brown is A Tennessee resident, with her home office in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Evangelist Brown continues to expand her operations throughout Nashville and beyond. She is a certified tax preparer that teaches the value of a dollar and others how to be good Stewarts of their money in the interim. Her company Authenti-Q offers free estimates and free preparation of taxes “with “their parent or guardians”. Living the dream continues as the Founder/CEO of Authenti-Q Hair Collection and she provides stable employment for others through her other business endeavors.
Evangelist Sonja Vaughn Brown is not just another author of a hard luck, prison to praise general jail house story. She practices what she (literally) preaches and teaches to others whenever opportunity permits. After a few rough patches and wrong turns, Sonja landed in a Tennessee women’s prison and was written off by many from there. Heavily involved in community, she is a National Spokesperson at Beauty Behind Bars and Author at From Prison To Praise
The horrors of a cocaine addiction, prison time, loss of family, friends and all who once believed in her, combined with some mean street, hard knock lessons, may have even left Sonja wondering what was coming through the proverbial hoops next.
But her instilled belief in God and his carrying her through both the rickety and stable walks of life, allowed her to hang on until help arrived. Sonja Vaughn Brown is a sincere woman of God, serving him as an Evangelist, carrying the message of hope in all that she does in her personal and business life. From the walls of the lesson teaching grey prison, to the pages of her sought after autobiography (From Prison to Praise) and into the numerous cities, states and countries of witnessing solo and via the “Beauty Behind Bars” ministry.
The journey which laid the groundwork for her hair collection took her beyond the fifty states and into the heart of Dubai. None of the aforementioned has provided hooks for anything but the eagerness to learn and humility for Evangelist Brown. She states and believes that everything that she has and will gain on this earth is because of God. “Walking in the new footsteps and using the life which I’ve been granted is due to his grace and mercy, without him I am nothing”, stated the multi-tasking believer.
From prison to praise, to teaching and preaching valuable life lessons and providing a good word and jobs for others, is how Sonja Vaughn Brown takes life, one day at a time.

203A E. State St. Mufresboro, TN
Murfreesboro, Tennessee


Call (615) 962-7172


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