Author Spotlight: Christine N. Malone, MSN, RN

Author Spotlight: Christine N. Malone


A single black mother and welfare recipient who had a dream to become a nurse seemed doomed from the start. With a innate passion toward other human beings and a dream to care for the sick she refused to listen to what people told her she could not do, instead she believed God.
-Book Excerpt From “Addiction Through The Eyes of A Nurse” by Christine N. Malone, MSN, RN
Who/what inspired you to write your book? After accomplishing my life’s dream and other successes I wanted to share my story to other women offering a beacon of hope telling how I rose above adversity through faith.
How long did it take you to write your book? It took me 3 1/2 years to complete my book.
What is your book about? Give our readers some details! My book is written to inspire, motivate and encourage broken women all over the world who have been abandoned, rejected, left scarred emotionally and physically. I share my life story starting from my humble beginning through my struggles with poverty, rape ,domestic abuse, , rejection, low self-esteem. But with faith and perseverance I share how I was able to obtain my goals. My book was written to younger women of the coming generation as well as older women who are still trapped in a valley of despair.
What can you tell us about your life story? I was born and raised poor in South Memphis who always aspired to be better, successful and giving up was not an option. Through many trials and obstacles I graduated from nursing school and have worked as a successful nurse for 26 years. I currently work in a hospital part-time and CEO of Caring Nurses, a home care agency.
What can readers expect when reading your book? Readers can expect to be inspired and moved by my powerful message. Don’t let anything stand in your way of your goals. Rise up, reach for your dream, and live a life of victory!
Where can readers purchase your book? My book can be found on, Barnes & Noble,
What’s next for you, Christine? Marketing and promoting my book and business.
Do you have plans to write another book? If so, what will it be about? My next book is in the making. It will be about love.
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