Break Free

In the world that we live in today, there is so much sin surrounding our children, spouses, families  and friends. We all know someone that struggles with some sort of addiction, depression, oppression, unruly behavior, lack, and a lot other hardships.

I am believing that God is about to break chains, cut the ties that bind , and unlock the captive’s door. We can believe there is a mighty move of God is taking place in the lives of many. We are seeing relationships renewed, prosperity, healthier souls, new ways of thinking and coping, and  wayward people walking into their true callings.

In looking, at the recent economical stand still that the Government has placed on America and across the globe, we can still believe and trust God for provisions and promises that were already made available to us. A new approach will become everyone’s outlook in setting standards of how we are to come together as were instructed.  We can not continue placing the same shackles that God has broken for us years ago.

Our conduct, beliefs, and spirit should be aligned in accordance of God’s plan, we must develop in our mind’s and heart’s that we are free in Jesus, with that being said we must believe with our whole hearts that we are under no restraints when we are called to walk and sup with the son of God. God gives us a choice in what we say or do.

The word deliverance is the best word I can think of that gives us more clarity in what God does when we ask to be made new, one must adhere to the process of the change that will come upon them, the process will be hard at best, but with determination, love, faith and trust; your chains will no longer bind you. God has spoken to us in Matthew 18:18,

” Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

Get ready to Break Free.


You are no longer bound by your faults or failure. Break Free

You are no longer bound by your faults or failures. Break Free


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