.:BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT:. LoveLife Family Services

.:BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT:. LoveLife Family Services

Mental Health is a serious issue and rebuilding our families is another important issue. When those two issues are dealt with properly, we can have better relationships and build better communities. One Las Vegas company has the right idea in mind about resolving both of those issues and we recently sat down with a spokesperson for the new and improved LoveLife Family Services.


DIVINE: Tell us about the great things happening with LoveLife Family Services.
LLFS: LoveLife Family Services (LLFS) is finalizing the remodeling of its new, larger office to continue servicing its growing client base in need of behavioral, mental health, and other services. LLFS is currently working with the community at its new 25,000-square-foot location to maximize services to Las Vegas residents.
DIVINE: That’s awesome! Who is the mastermind behind such a much-needed project?
LLFS: President and CEO Clevonne Funches spearheaded the relocation to assure LLFS clients’ success, and further their independence in the face of hardship and adversity. The office officially opened in November 2016.
DIVINE: Congratulations! Who will you be specifcially assisting with your new and larger office?
LLFS: Since we are a community-based program, we are designed to help children, teens, adults and families in need of intense behavioral and addiction rehabilitation services.
DIVINE: That’s amazing! What would you say is unique about your company?
LLFS: The company opened its new, expanded facility after operating out of a 500-square-foot office since the company began providing services in 2012. LLFS opened the new location to meet the demands for vital support services the Las Vegas community needs, and to support LoveLife Family Services’ goal to be a leading provider of mental and behavioral health in the growing region. The company’s knowledgeable and well-trained staff of English- and Spanish-speaking counselors provides assistance to clients from 5 to 100 years of age.
DIVINE: You’ve been open in your new facility for almost 3 months. How has the community received you?
LLFS: As a gesture of appreciation, Funches organized a holiday luncheon at the new LLFS office for the Las Vegas community on Dec 22. The event was free to clients and local residents in need and held at the LLFS office. Funches was present at the holiday luncheon to greet the community. 
Las Vegas has experienced tremendous population growth over the past decade, leading to a larger community of children, adults, seniors and veterans who need access to various social services. Opening our new office is critical to ensuring we can provide quality care to our increasing client base,” said Funches.
DIVINE: What else should we know about your amazing company?
LLFS: We provide an array of important services, including individual counseling and family therapy, basic skills training, clinical outpatient, transportation, free grooming and additional social services. LLFS provides housing services, tutoring, transportation and meals among other services. LLFS is an approved Medicaid provider, which is a critical service for seniors and qualifying clients who have important health needs. The company welcomes all Medicaid applicants to apply for assistance with LLFS. All services are free to qualified applicants.
DIVINE: Amazing & Affordable! What is your company’s mission and/or goals?
LLFS: The company’s mission is to boost its outreach to clients in need of social services, and it is increasingly focused on veterans who may be experiencing difficulty in managing day-to-day tasks or need vital health services. LLFS recognizes that the veteran community is sometimes underserviced and need access to information that will help them live independently.
It’s critical that we reach people from all walks of life who have a lapse in basic services, but it is especially important that we are available to veterans who have served our country. They are an important part of the general population, and studies indicate they sometimes experience more hardship than the general population after they return to civilian life. We want to ensure that their needs are completely met with the utmost quality and respect,” said Funches.
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LLFS is located at 3315 West Spring Mountain, Las Vegas, Nevada 89102.
Twitter @LLFSLasVegas
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