A Christmas Blessing

How are you seeing your Christmas? Is it based on shopping for everyone in your family, planning celebration parties, or is it just another day? I myself is looking at this Christmas as a blessing, God has been giving his presence to a lot of people, he has been making ways for us to obtain the gifts, pay bills, prepare the meals, and help the less fortunate. Can I share with you some of the gifts I have been wrapping over the last twelve months? Love, peace, understanding, forgiveness, trust, faith, joy, and acceptance.

God has been sending out Christmas Blessings to everyone that has called out his name, angels has been placed on assignment to deliver the blessing that God has for you and me. As we embrace the true meaning of Christmas lets keep in mind that the birth of Jesus Christ is our first Christmas Blessing.

1480673_237871836381090_920314840_nMerry Christmas Everyone.

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