What On Earth Is The “Pimp-A-Lo Syndrome”?

Relevant question: What On Earth Is The “Pimp-A-Lo Syndrome”? That is exactly what I said when I originally heard the combined terms (Pimp & Syndrome), but soon learned that it is actually the title of a very interesting book. “The Pimp-A-Lo Syndrome” is the brainchild and concept launched by Authoress Teena  L. Harris. As journalist we’re taught to maintain a certain neutrality and un-bias approach or reaction. Being human first, operating with clear ethics and morality – oh yes being one of “God’s Kid’s”, it’s often easier said than done.

The “Pimp-a-Lo Syndrome” Author is a multi-talented, Brooklyn, NY native a licensed professional Addictions & Mental Health Therapist and a vested woman of God. Ironically it’s not another “he done me wrong story” or a re-invented version of previous motion picture movies like “SuperFly” or “The Mack”, it’s a written compilation of personal experience and more.  Such as how to recognize, identify and understand “The Pimp-A-Lo Syndrome”. Whereas her book references male versions of “Pimp-A-Lo’s”, surely there are some “female Pimp-A-Lo’s” out there as well.

Before getting down to the exact nature of The “Pimp-a-Lo Syndrome”, it’s only fair to reflect upon the 21st Century on-line boom, and most previously tangible publications can now be found on-line, a great deal of folks have tossed “tangible book reading’ on the back burner (this writer included)  Call it good forethought, the spirit or the voices in my head if you will; I was lead to drop my beautifully autographed copy in my travel bag upon leaving my apartment to run a few errands that day.

What a blessing this turned out to be in more ways than one! That day I traveled by Public Transit and the first part of the ride would have been the longest and most dreaded part of the trip, especially in the late July heat. But by stepping out of my own on-line, vested time in “Debbie’s World” and literally reading the book, that agenda was favorably cut short and left me with a “WOW, what the heck?”….. feeling to say the least!

I was able to block out the background noise, disgruntlements of my co-passengers and the heat index too. Turning the pages and reading fat as possible, not to miss a beat, hungrily searching through each page, like a famished carnivore needing more red meat. The still and almost sudden quietness of the atmosphere around me, caused me to stop and look up and see the confused faces and paused looks I obviously had earned, from bursting into mad bouts of laughter.

“The Pimp-A-Lo Syndrome” unleashed a flurry of emotions upon reading it from cover to cover, ranging from the aforementioned “tickle box spilling over”, to pure shock, dis-belief and  identification from a few past relationships of my own – no matter how long ago they may have been.  It’s also amazing how well one can fight back the tears after reading something so “gut level” deep and painfully real.

These feelings stemmed from thinking about some of my closest loved ones who either are in “Pimp-A-Lo Syndrome” relationships and stay glued to that relationship out of denial, fear, etc.

Oh, the author breaks the tantalizing concept down in stages, uses succinct bibliography and has national support.

Not just because the book is interesting , the cover is “Fly” and if read objectively, the captive reader can either benefit from it personally or be a help someone else who needs to have this information and the overall “Pimp-A-Lo Syndrome”, shared with or  dropped on them. Most of Harris readers stated that they cannot with for the workbook and blessed seminars to be announced, and that “they had no idea how affective the reading was for them”.


Well, don’t want to give away too much more but today’s closing thoughts on Authoress Teena L. Harris Part 1. Of her work in progress via the book, the soon to be released “Pimp-A-Lo Syndrome” Workbook and all things “Pimp-A-Lo Syndrome” can be accessed by applying to the

Confidential Facebook Group Page: The Pimp A Lo Syndrome Group (Secret Group)


Facebook: Teena Harris, on Instagram:  Tee_loves 91 & on Twitter @ Teedoingme





The "Pimp-A-Lo Syndrome"Authoress Teena L. Harris

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