Finding Your Faith

Finding your faith

The faith that we have now is the result of us finding it through our struggles, trials, tribulations and our belief in the power of God’s words. As we begin to understand why God requires us to walk by faith and not by sight is because he wants us to trust his will, he wants us to speak of his goodness, he wants us to praise him during our hardest of times, and he wants to use our faith as a light for our path.

In developing a much deeper faith based walk with Christ, we can begin to see the objectivity that God expects us to see as we move through troubles that may arise. The objectivity is to ALWAYS BELIEVE THAT GOD WILL WORK IN OUR LIVES. The faith that we obtain from negative experiences in our lives should be our weapon to defend ourselves from doubt that Satan wants to keep in our mind and hearts. We have often been told that FAITH WITHOUT WORK IS DEAD this is a powerful statement. Our faith works like a master lock with a key without the key or combination code you are not able to unlock what needs to be opened. Our faith needs to be unlocked so that we can receive the solution to our problems and the strength to carry on peacefully while God is perfecting what needs to be perfected in our lives.

What will your faith show others? Will it show confidence, peace, understanding, strength, belief, and trust? We can count on our spectators to be watching us. Some of them will probably be taking descriptive notes on our behavior as we put our faith to work in full force. Let the spectators see that nothing will move us to the point of disbelief.

How much faith do we need before it starts being active? In the bible it says, “Small as a mustard seed.” A seed that tiny can produce a strong root in good soil. Nurturing your faith will come from reading the Bible, fertilizing it with belief, weeding out everything that does not align with the principles of what God has taught us. Keeping our faith alive is a vital part in living our life without fear, stress, worry, and depression. FAITH IS OUR SUBSTANCE FOR ALL THINGS HOPED FOR.

Galatians 3:25-26 says it best,

Now that this faith has come, we are no longer under a guardian. So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith.”





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