Genma Holmes- “More Than Just a Voice”

"A  Trusted Voice In the Community & Beyond "

“A Trusted Voice In the Community & Beyond “

Genma & Dr. Jerrry Waters

Genma & Dr. Jerrry Waters

Genma Celebrating *Regina M. Prude Birthday**International Speaker, Author, Writer

Genma Celebrating *Regina M. Prude Birthday
**International Speaker, Author, Writer

Genma Supports USMC

Genma &  USMC Son Cornelius

Genma & USMC Son Cornelius

Genma's Son "SuperFranz" Holmes

Genma’s Son “SuperFranz” Holmes

Genma's Staunch Supporter, Hubby Roger Holmes

Genma’s Staunch Supporter, Hubby Roger Holmes

(L-R) Tennessee Honorable First Lady: Crissy Halslam & Genma Holmes

(L-R) Tennessee Honorable First Lady: Crissy Halslam & Genma Holmes

The incomparable Genma Holmes  demonstrates  God’s  service  all year round, “not just for any specific holiday season” .An initial conversation with this multi-talented and honestly down to earth lady, made it clear that each of us should do all that we are able to do for others.

Certainly some of us have more time on hand than others, and it is divided accordingly, but the premise remains the same.

This Writer Girl is a certified Yankee who hails from an entirely different background, and was forced to learn life’s lesson from an entirely different prospective. “No complaints or tears here, God has always been in charge and has charted a course for each of his children”.  Genma Holmes is an authentic “Southern Belle”, originally from Fayette, Mississippi, whose life success stems from her strong faith, a great, tight knit upbringing, laced with much appreciative strong family ties.

Compile that with “the true desire to serve God’s people and to do her part in making this world a better place, one day, event, group or resource at a time.”  Holmes currently resides in “Music City USA” aka: Nashville, TN. but she accepts speaking engagements and may partner with other colleagues, Non-Profits or Businesses elsewhere, when possible.

On a professional level Holmes is a humble but noted Media personality with a cornucopia of industry experience. She is an award winning business owner and one of them alone is unique in itself. She is a co-owner of Holmes Pest Control. Also the CEO of GSH Consulting, LLC and the Executive Producer of one of the most listened to radio shows on the airwaves; “Living Your Best Life” Radio Show, which is nationally syndicated.

To say that the “Living Your Best Life” Radio Show covers a myriad of useful, informative and impacting subjects of the times would be putting it mildly. It’s viewed as a Radio Show that Empowers, Inspires, and Motivates, all geared “To Live Your BEST Life”. Listeners can hear Genma’s beautiful inflective voice on Station 760 AM. Serving The Gospel In Middle TN Area, Military Bases, Ustream.TV and Tune In. Through her Media work, Genma has interviewed countless celebrities and lay-people alike. Each individual or group interviewed is treated with equal time, talent love and respect.

“Giving Back” are two words off Holmes vocabulary that are more than mere words! Whether it’s caring for the elderly, reading to children, coordinating events centering around her *Grandfathers legacy. ** Her Grandfather was Joe Jackson another innovative individual whose life and legacy made a great mark in this world.

On that note, Holmes also does her part in acknowledging her Father in Law’s legacy: Clarence “Pops” Holmes. To learn more about these great men, see the section in Genma’s Blog, “Genma Speaks” Entrepreneur, Writer, Community Advocate, and Radio Host.

With all that this Woman of God is to others, does for other people, one of her top priorities is her Family. Genma Holmes has been happily married for 25 years to her husband and key supporter, Roger Holmes. They have three sensational adult children; Franz, Cornelius and Alexis. Each of her children are well educated and already making their marks of success in this world.

Genma is indeed beautiful inside and out, charismatic, knowledgeable about matters of the heart and the world at large. She has either written or covered a cornucopia of subjects, interviewed a wide realm of people across the nation and beyond, but still manages to keep it real and utilize her time wisely.  Does this Super Hero have a Cape? Well…. In a way she does. “Only when any one of the themed costumes she wears, when she is doing her community and charitable work. Christmas she is Ms. Santa, Easter a Bunny, etc. and all in good taste of course.”


If you listen to Genma Holmes humbly describe her amazing blessed life in a nutshell, it could go something like this:

“I am an entrepreneur, writer, and now a radio host. I believe in living your dreams, being passionate about life and serving others with grace and humility. I work for, write about, and speak to things that are dear to my heart. My wonderful children and the challenges of motherhood. My business ventures from owning Holmes Pest Control to writing and publishing to continuing to work in the fashion industry and my radio show. My love of the environment and my work with non-profits that help young people be the leaders of tomorrow. And of course, my love of my grandfather’s legacy…political and social activism that will help change how we see the world we live in. Join me on my journey.”

For a human interest story of this magnitude, it’s safe to say that “we’ve barely touched the tip of the proverbial Ice Berg.” So hang on and stay tuned –“more will be revealed!”


**All Photographs Courtesy of Genma Holmes & Genma Holmes Photoraphers -DAC-

On the set of "Living Your Best Life" with OVC Commissioner Beth DeBauche

On the set of “Living Your Best Life” with OVC Commissioner Beth DeBauche


(L-R) Honorable Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee & Genma Holmes

(L-R) Honorable Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee & Genma Holmes


Serving and having a ball on the Set of "Living your Best Life"

Serving and having a ball on the Set of “Living your Best Life”

"Rockin' a White Designer Gown for Charity"- First Center For Visual Arts

“Rockin’ a White Designer Gown for Charity”- First Center For Visual Arts

A Dancing Wit the Stars Program: "Feed America"

A Dancing Wit the Stars Program: “Feed America”

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