Her Beauty is Still Shining

       Her Beauty Is Still Shining


Anita L. Scurry

               Her words of wisdom were spoken with grace and poise.

         Her quest for life became her teacher.

                      Her touch upon the face of her spouse, children, grandchildren and many others had a softness and gentleness about it.

             Her visionary views of life’s uncertainties became her  windows of opportunities.

                   Her  journey in life led to rugged roads that eventually became smoother as she continued to follow Jesus.

                       Her impregnated spirit for God’s words birthed a wonderful wife and mother.

                     She was more precious than rubies all the things thou canst desire will never compare to her beauty in a

         Mom your beauty is still shining.

Always honor thy mother and father.

Sept 29, 1939-May 26, 2002

Photo credit: Anita’s Family Album

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