It Will Work Out


In our lives we all have had some sort of trial and tribulation that we have faced or still facing. There are many people within our own community, state, and world, that are struggling with economical hardships, broken homes, relationship issues, and health issues. These are just a few trials and tribulations that some people face daily. I believe that God can turn those circumstances around for the better. God says,” I am your Jehovah Jireh.” God will provide for you and I.

Often times we talk with our friends, family, and our church family about our problems that are in place. Do you know that makes God jealous? God requires us to talk and sup with him. God’s kingdom is full of resources that He wants us to seek and utilize for the good of others and our selves.

In reading the bible, we can clearly see that God is our way maker, but we must be fervent in our prayers, have faith in what we are believing God for, and trust in God to work it all out.

Here are a few of the many provisions and accounts of what God has done for His children through his love, grace, and mercy:

In Matthew 14:17, it shows Jesus feeding a multitude of people with two fish and fives loaves of bread, from the blessing that Jesus spoke into the Heavens, God released a blessing to feed over 5,000 men cause an overflow; twelve baskets of fish and bread were in overflow.

In Mark 8:22-24, it shows Jesus healing a blind man, the purity of Jesus’s spit, that he spat into his hand, acted as a cleansing agent that was placed over the blind man’s eyes resulted in him seeing men as trees.

Whatever you’re  facing on today. I just want you to know that IT WILL WORK OUT.

Keep believing!






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