“It’s A Choice To Be Lost”

John Newton once wrote these words: “Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now I’m found was blind but now I see!” So again I say, it’s a choice to be lost.

Some people I do believe just don’t like asking for guidance or directions, they like to just simply figure it out and often times it does more bad than good because you can end up in a place totally different than your destination.

For example, driving directions, my mom is good at believing she always know where she is going and often time works off of memory, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. She, oftentimes refuses to ask for directions declaring up and down she know where she’s going, and guess what we often miss a turn or is late for something because of the choice made not to ask for directions or use GPS.

Now me on the other hand, I like directions, I like to know exactly where I’m going. I don’t believe in guessing. I don’t care if I’ve been to a place a couple of times, I still use my GPS, why because I don’t like to be lost, I absolutely hate it. I enjoy knowing where I’m going, I enjoy having a guide, directions, understanding, etc.

That’s why God gave us His Holy Spirit! Whom is our helper, our guide, our Instructor, the One that will lead and guide us into all truth, the One that will order our steps if we let Him. Unlike man(us) the Holy Spirit will ensure we always end up at our proper destination. He is our compass that can always be trusted; therefore, I say it is a choice to be lost!

It’s a choice to stay in that place of feeling lost, confused, or even blinded. As stated in the opening God has given us His amazing Grace, and because of it we once were lost but now we’re found, blind but now we see, and He has given us His word and His Holy Spirit! So whenever the sense of being lost try to cloud your mind, contaminate your spirit, just look to God’s word, call for His Grace, and welcome His Holy Spirit, they will be right there to comfort you!

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