Jamal Jaefriz Dotson All in For Progressive Change


Jamal Jaefriz Dotson is a remarkable 21st Century Artist/Musician and talented Songwriter too. He has a strong focus with community; in his current of Nashville and beyond. Professionally trained to play the Saxophone, he later self taught himself to play the Piano. After sampling and effectively moving ahead in the genre of Rap, he idealistically combined the art of Rap and Piano, to fine tune the creative genius of RAPPINO One of the most remarkable talent launches became clearer when JaeFriz became the only ever, FATHER OF RAPPINO.
Born in Birmingham he graduated from Hueytown (AL) High School. He went on to proudly earn a B.S. degree in Commercial Music Technology, from Tennessee State University (TSU). This type of degree stems primarily from Commercial Music program at TSU. It is first and foremost Bachelor of Science music degree in Music with a Concentration in Commercial Music Technology.
We caught up with Jaefriz at press time to see what is new on the horizon for him and what is forthcoming, he stated: “the main focus is to promote my upcoming album CREATION, which is the introduction to RAPPINO. Also, my Twitter page has increased my exposure and I would like to give a few names of popular people that are becoming aware of my brand. They include but are not limited to; Brandon Steiner from Steiner Sports, Steiner Sports in general.
Hip Hop approved, Ryan Bourassa, a Las Vegas popular comedian, my song AS THEY APPEAR was featured on Factory Fast records playlist this year as well. Plans have come together to announce his new album CREATION. It will feature the songs THROUGH THE STARS and APOLOGY. APOLOGY is a song that utilizes mixed assets of a two person relationship and some issues touched in the relationship.”

When asked where he draws his inspiration and influences from, JaeFriz says that some of the influences stem from talented artist such as: Drake, Kenny G and Aaron Zigman.
He upholds his core priorities daily and hopes to continue being a positive influence to others as the previously mentioned Musicians, and others have been to him. Many exciting things and more appearances are on the horizon for the multi-talented Millennial.
“I am also getting involved with the new live stream app You Now. Anyone wishing to would l to see my live performances that they should follow me on that App to catch the live streams. Or email me at: Jaefriz@ymail.com.”
Jaefriz stays in touch with his followers via Social Media: Sound Cloud: https://soundcloud.com/jaefriz
Twitter: @Jaefrizmusic and YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Jaefriz

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