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Jason Kyle Luntz jasonkluntz3 jasonkluntz4Who exactly is Jason Kyle Luntz? His effective Public Relations team has him billed as a Designer, an Educator and a Strategist. True, but there is much more than meets the readers eye. Once you’ve read about Jason or taken part in a Social Media display he is involved with, it becomes clear that he is a key voice of change and a trailblazer at best.
Lutz originally wanted to be a Filmmaker, but decided to pursue another route, and earned a Masters of Arts in Journalism, which allowed him to plunge into that field instead. Not only has he made good on that springboard, he is an excellent Journalist, Adjunct Professor, Advisor, overall communicator and a “Social Media Guru” of sorts. He knows how to tailor the social media type to the various genres and needs of those he presents to.
Socail Media is not limited to Facebook or Twitter, there are many types of social media and situations or places they can be utilized. However the stark reality of this is that “each of them can be lethal or the best answer to anyone’s prayers!” Let’s take the staple of our society a whole, “the church” as an example. At interview time Jason told us of a church that he’s recently spoken at a church in Clarksville, TN. Teaching the eager and appreciative audience the in’s and outs of the Internet and Social Media.
He stated that he couldn’t express to them enough that a social media platform is just as valuable as a mega money advertising budget. But social media is literally free or quite affordable, depending on the various needs and budget which is allowed.
Social Media, allows you to feel the person behind it, to directly connect with people, keep in touch, heighten the clients positive exposure needs. To ultimately enhance a person, place or company “Brand”. And to add sustenance to a relevancy we all should know; the Internet can be the great equalizer – allowing anyone global contact. “No matter what station in life they may be at or will arrive at, use of the Internet and Social Media has become the norm.” Proper Social Media Etiquette is no doubt a class, course which should be looked into, taken and diligently applied – ongoing.
.We took the time to hone in on some key questions during our interview. Here is what this Renaissance man had to tell us.
Q. (DM) Jason, what are your favorite mediums: Straight Journalism, Broadcast or Print Media or social Media?
A. (JKL) All of the above!! Print, is great because telling news stories, just the facts… it’s is deceptive, commentary based. Broadcast (Radio/Television) is more of the same on another level.
However social media could actually be a better medium to tell other peoples stories through and to teach them how to and the ultimate necessity of where to get the formal training for this invaluable medium. Luntz also stated that his heart is with social Media and that It’s all about being honest with who you are and telling your stories.
Q. (DM)What starting points could you offer anyone interested in coming onboard social media and all that comes with it?
A. (JKL) it can be as simple as seeking help from the Public Library – anywhere. Hiring a professional, qualified Coach and of course we’re available here at “The Luntz Report” Keep in mind it’s an online, often conference call method (that really works), so don’t be detoured when logging onto us at: http://www.thejluntzreport.com
Q (DM) Any last words on this matter Jason?
A. (JKL) Do not run form Social Media, as it’s a negative force. It’s now life as we know it, but the positive use and impact thereof will be worth its weight in gold for you. Even when used for something as simple as promoting a Family Reunion.
“The Luntz Report” is one to stay current on, as Jason covers impacting societal issues, relevant health matters such as Diabetes and its ever growing presence in our community at large. He doesn’t stop at Diabetes of course as there are definitely more predatory health over takers, “just as bad or worse”.
A recent trip to “The Luntz Report” allowed readers to be brought up to speed on how tangible media resources, such as historical landmark “The Tennessee Tribune” is growing there on-line presence. Make no bones about it, most tangible publications have already or are in the process of transitioning to the on-line format. Cyber jumping doesn’t end with the actual publications, let’s not forget the various social Media platforms too.
“No worries, Jason is definitely an invaluable change agent that makes it crystal clear to his audiences”.
This includes on-line, via telephone voice or text and of course in person if you’re fortunate enough to get into one of his speaking engagements.
This Writer is looking forward to sitting in on a future (Jason Kyle) “Luntz Report “in the making; promise to keep you posted.
Jason Kyle Luntz Mini Bio:
Jason Kyle Luntz is a social media strategist that utilizes original content, multimedia projects, and social networks to help organizations build an online presence. Jason recently graduated from Full Sail University with a M.A. in New Media Journalism. He is currently the Social Media Director for The Tennessee Tribune (www.tntribune.com), a weekly newspaper published in Nashville, TN. Jason is also an Adjunct Professor in the communication field.

Jason Kyle Luntz – “The Luntz Report”
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