Just Like New

I hope 2010 is off to a great start for you. I’m sure you’ve thought about all the ways that you plan to make this year better than 2009. Some of you have chosen not to make New Year’s Resolutions but to instead strive each day to become better and better. Whatever your approach to the new year, know that God has already ordered your steps and He’s just waiting for you to get on the right path. If you started in 2009 planting seeds for what you want to see take place in 2010, God just wants you to remain faithful. No matter what you set out to do, I’m sure you’ll be a better, wiser person that’s just like new! Let your past be your past and know that your future is bright.

Have a Great 2010 & Set Realistic Goals!

Three Areas To Consider Focusing On & A Few Examples to Consider:

Mind (Education, Read More, Financial Peace, Learn A Trade…)

Body (Exercise, Skincare, Healthy Eating, Wellness…)

Spirit (Meditate, Study God’s Word, Develop Prayer Life…)

Feel free to Comment & Share Your Goals for 2010.
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