Kelly D. Henderson – 35 People Who Inspire

Name: Kelly D. Henderson

Age: 38

Occupation: Principal (Instructional Leader), Hamilton Middle School

Hobbies:  Listening to Music, Reading Books, Watching Movies, and all things “Techie”

Church/Place of Worship: The Life Church of Memphis

Ministry Involvement: Greeter & Host Team

Community Service: Aspera, Inc., Healthy Kids Clinic, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Sigma Lambda Lambda Chapter

Professional Organizations: National Education Association

Favorite Leisure Activity: Spending time with my children, family, and friends. Also an avid Pittsburgh Steelers fan.

What is your definition of an Inspirational person: One who “walks the talk”, and encourages and challenges others to maximize their potential and be better than who they currently are.

What is the difference between someone who inspires vs. someone who gives false hope: It is the difference between a dream builder and a dream killer. You can inspire more through actions than words any day.

What legacy do you plan to leave for your children/those that look up to you:  The legacy that I did not “leave anything on the table” I seek to live a full life so that I can transition an empty vessel. I also plan to try to instill the sense of adventure and entrepreneurship so that my children will never hunger or want for anything that they cannot strive for themselves.

On Being A Leader: Being a “servant”-leader means “serving like crazy” in the capacity of not asking anyone to do anything that I would not be willing to personally do myself. I value the significance of servant leadership and setting the example of Order, Excellence, and Respect in everything that I do on a daily basis. Being a leader also means that I understand that no one is perfect, however, the quest for perfection should be the ultimate goal. I have many mentors, both formal and informal, and the common denominator between them all is the spirit of perseverance and tenacity; that dogged determination to get it right no-matter the cost, both personally and professionally. At times, leadership means laying the foundation for others to follow, as William Dromgoole eloquently expresses in the famous poem, “The Bridgebuilder”. Someone laid the groundwork for me, now it’s time that I do it for them.

On Saturdays, one can usually find me getting ready for the week ahead, and reading motivational books, quotes and scriptures.

What is your favorite quote/scripture:  II Timothy 4:6-8 & Isaiah 54:17

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years: Helping and coaching others to set goals and having published books and/or written articles regarding mentorship and leadership through trial & error.

In 10 years: Wherever my Lord and Savior leads me.

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