Laughing w/The Leigh’s Youtube Channel

Laughing with the Leigh’s was established simply to bring about encouragement and laughter to the lives of as many as we can. As daughters of the Most High God, Dr. C.J. and I love to encourage others and make them laugh. With all that’s going on in the world today and just in case you’re not sure, turn on the news, we all can stand a little bit of laughter in our lives, sometimes we have to laugh to keep from crying.

We are not comedians nor are we trying to be the new Queens of Comedy; however, we do consider ourselves Queens of Encouragement with a little bit of comedy behind it. So we hope you would check out the episodes and find both encouragement and laughter from them. Check out episodes 1-3 on YouTube and may the latter part of your day be so much greater and better than the beginning of your day, and remember, God wants you to laugh!

So, what are you waiting for, go ahead and catch up on those episodes and we’ll see you Thursday night @ 7pm CST for the next episode streaming live!

God bless,


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