.:LEADER SPOTLIGHT:. Crystal Clark

Leader Spotlight 

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Crystal Clark, Founder of Beautiful Spirited Women 


DIVINE::Who/what inspired you to start the Beautiful Spirited Women Teen Mentoring Program?

CC: Beautiful Spirited Women-Teen Mentoring Program was heavenly sent by God. What truly inspired me were my nieces and nephews to start this beautiful organization. As a child, we did not have programs that helped teens. There were no workshops, no fun activities or other exciting things going on. If it was, we did not know anything about it.

DIVINE:: How long has your program been in existence? 

CC: Beautiful Spirited Women- Teen Mentoring Program was established November 10, 2010

DIVINE::How many teens participate in your program? What are their ages primarily? 

CC: Our program serves any where from 10-45 teens each month.  Their ages range from 4 – 19 years old. Our Cupcakes are ages 4-12yrs old; our Soldiers are ages: 4-12 yrs old and our oldest girls are 13-19yrs old.

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DIVINE:: How exactly do you assist the teens involved in your program? 

CC: We assist the teens by offering them a free teen uplifting hour which consists of various workshops, volunteer work and hands on tutoring.

DIVINE:: How often do teens participate? Is it weekly? Monthly? What is a typical session/meeting like?

CC: We meet with the Beautiful Spirited Teens once a month which consists of events or volunteer work such as: Teen Anti- Drug/Alcohol. This particular workshop gives the teens the opportunity to learn how to say no to drugs and alcohol. We give them information on how both are harmful to the body, what it can do to your body, and how much trouble they can get into. We also complete exercises or peer pressure, bullying, and team building role playing.


DIVINE::  Does your program have a mission? 

CC: Beautiful Spirited Women-Teen Mentoring Program Mission is a supportive group of women whose sole purpose is to help uplift women and teenage girls to higher spirits, rebuild, fellowship, and assist worldwide.

DIVINE:: What’s your vision for your program?

CC: Our vision for our program is to be a resource in Memphis, that empowers our youth to strive to do better in life especially with their academic goals. To be a resource for teens and give them insight on today’s world and the things they need to have to manage in their everyday life. To create a steadfast and devotion ministry where teens are allowed to feel encouraged and motivated at all times.



Teens of today are exposed to a lot of negative things from the internet and TV, so we want to find a way to keep their minds devoted to our workshops and volunteer work.


DIVINE:: What is your hope for teens in this day and age?

CC: The hope I have for the teens in this day and age is that they gain as much knowledge as they can right now to prepare them for the future. There are so many things they can be taught right now to better prepare for what is about to come. Teens of today are exposed to a lot of negative things from the internet and TV, so we want to find a way to keep their minds devoted to our workshops and volunteer work.

DIVINE::  What can teens who are interested in your program expect to gain?

CC: Teens who are interested in this program can expect to gain values, leadership skills, love, support, volunteer hours, public speaking training, media training, working with other teens, partnering with a mentor, increase in academics and much more!


DIVINE:: What role do parents/guardians play in your program?

CC: Most of all of our parents become volunteers of BSW. They attend all of our volunteer functions as well as donate items when they can. Some of our parents became motivational speakers for our program.

DIVINE:: Do you partner with other organizations, ministries, etc.?

CC: Yes we partner with other organizations and ministries all year round.

DIVINE:: Who are your supporters?

CC: Beautiful Spirited Women’s biggest supporters are our mentors (so many to name), but they know who they are and our volunteers.


DIVINE::How can teens get involved with your program? 

CC: All teens who would love to get involved in our program must have a
parent/guardian send in their name, age, parent’s name, their number, and email address to beautifulspiritedwomen@gmail.com. A BSW representative will contact the parent between 24-48 hours from the time of the email.
DIVINE:: Do you have any upcoming events/service projects?
CC: We recently fed the homeless on Thanksgiving Day at the House of Mentzi with their ministry “Forgotten Souls” & we have other service projects coming up soon!

Stay Connected To Crystal Clark & The Beautiful Spirited Women Organization

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Email: beautifulspiritedwomen@gmail.com

Facebook – Beautiful Spirited Women

Instagram – @bsw2010


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  1. I am so honored to be apart of this beautiful magazine. I believe in giving people a chance and that is what you done. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

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