Lord, I trade it all, for your peace!

I stopped by my Spiritual mother’s house (Mother D. Hendricks) yesterday and not being in there 2 minutes, she went in and began to pray for me and told me to let it go, give it all to Him and grab hold to His peace… During my morning prayer today, this was birth….

God, I trade it all, for your peace!


All my struggles, All my worries, All my cares, All my anxieties, All my weariness,

All my weaknesses, All my financial responsibilities, All my needs, All my longings,

All my desires, All my plans, All my thoughts, All my challenges, All my frustrations,

All my anger, All my heartaches, All my brokenness, All my debts,


The stress, The anxiousness, The depression, The oppression,

My life, My soul, The things I can’t control,

Lord, I trade it all for Your peace! Philippians 4:6-7, let this be your daily cry!


From the heart of a daughter (T.L.), to her Father (God)

P.S. Take a listen, it is sure to bless you!


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