Observations In Social Media

Small Business Owners

Lately I’ve been observing how different business are tapping into Social Media. I am a firm believer that Small Business Owners can learn a lot from Corporations and vice versa. It is so important that we find a formula that works and stick to it until a new formula comes along.

I discovered six ways Big Businesses are using Social Media:

  1. Unique calls to action – video demonstrations, try before you buy incentives, webinars, etc.
  2. Drive people to website and/or other marketing channels- email sign up forms, segmentation, etc.
  3. Offer incentives – giveaways, nominate friends, family, etc., contests.
  4. Valuable Offers – offer solutions to common problems, go-to source for answers/solutions.
  5. Pinpoint Sales Leads – using deal check-ins, continue what works, end what doesn’t work
  6. Understand audience – responses, lack of responses, feedback

Big businesses also use the best Social Media outlet for their target market. This is likely done through trial and error however, once they find out what works, they run with it. From Blogs to YouTube Channels to Apps, Big businesses are using Social Media to their advantage and so should you.

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