Laughter Warms The Soul: An Interview With Playwright A.D. Smith

Laughter Warms The Soul: An Interview With Playwright A. D. Smith


What do the holidays have in common with Uncle Curly’s Classroom? The holidays were made for family, friends, & tons of laughter. This year Uncle Curly is making it easy for you to have them all at the Cannon Center for Performing Arts. We had the privilege of sitting down with Playwright A.D. Smith to find out what he has in store for fans at his newest stage play!

DIVINE:: What inspired you to become a playwright?

A.D.: I started out playing instruments. Then, I began to write songs. About seven years ago, I got a vision to write a book and later a screenplay. Then, I began to write plays. So I’ve been writing for a while and plays were just the next step.

*Discounted tickets for Teachers, Middle, & High School students with ID. CLICK HERE for more info!

DIVINE:: Amazing! What can fans expect from this weekend’s play?

A.D.: Uncle Curly’s Classroom is the story of a school that needs a little ‘attitude adjustment,’ and of course Uncle Curly comes to the rescue. He quickly finds out that he’s bit off more than he can chew. The play also focuses on the issue of bullying and tries to show both sides of the epidemic from the bully to those that are bullied. It tries to provide strategy and insight and tell a message wrapped in a humorous and entertaining production.


2 Shows: 2:30 pm & 7:00 pm at The Cannon Center, Memphis, TN! Click Here for tickets!

DIVINE:: You have such a stellar cast, tell us about the amazing actors & actresses who will be performing in the play?

A.D.: We have Tony Grant from Tyler Perry’s ‘”Love Thy Neighbor.” He’s also been in several of Tyler Perry’s stage productions. We also have ‘Benny’ from Tyler Perry’s hit television show “The Haves and the Have Nots,” Tyler Lepley and several great regional gospel artists including, Everett McBee, Sharonda Mitchell and Dani McGhee-Barlow.


DIVINE:: How did you come up with Uncle Curly’s character? He’s hilarious!

A.D.: Uncle Curly kind of evolved. The first play I wrote included a character called Curly. He was played by a teen at my church. When it was time for my second play, the teen went away to college so I changed the character to Curlina. The actress was my 65 year-old aunt and after only one show, she didn’t feel led to return to the character. So one week before my next play I had to find someone to replace her. So I said, “forget it, I’ll do it.” That’s how I became Uncle Curly. We performed for a group of kids and they loved it. So, from there Uncle Curly was born!

*Discounted tickets for Teachers, Middle, & High School students with ID. CLICK HERE for more info!

DIVINE:: Your vision for your plays are out of this world. What inspires you to dream so big?

A.D.: We’ve invested thousands in our productions. When you come to my play, you’re not coming to just another local play. You’re coming to a national production that happens to take place locally.

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A.D. has expanded his gift of writing to become a notable playwright. In the summer of 2012, Locked Up, But Not Locked Out premiered at the Antioch Church in Memphis, Tennessee. This production was written, directed, and composed entirely by A.D., III. Guest star, Palmer Williams, Jr., from Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family and House of Payne was featured in the second run of this inspirational and evangelical presentation.

A.D. began starring in one of his own productions as a major character, Uncle Curly. The hilarious stage play, Ain’t Nothing Like Family, debuted Mother’s Day Weekend 2014 at American Way Middle School. A.D. added another installment to his new brand on Mother’s Day 2015 with Uncle Curly’s Family Dinner and Thanksgiving Weekend Uncle Curly’s Classroom will have its debut with two shows at the Cannon Center for Performing Arts.

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