Prison to Greyhound Dogs to Bestsellers & Beyond

"The Streets Don't Love you Back"

“The Streets Don’t Love you Back”

Once Hands of Mayhem, Now Hands of God's Grace and Mercy

Once Hands of Mayhem, Now Hands of God’s Grace and Mercy

Author "Second Chance Runaway"

Author “Second Chance Runaway”

Reverend Rob Boyd, Jr and Lady Lucinda Boyd * TSDLYB Movement

Reverend Rob Boyd, Jr and Lady Lucinda Boyd * TSDLYB

A "Safe Radio Talk"Speaker

A “Safe Radio Talk”Speaker

Greyhound Falcor and the Ladies

Greyhound Falcor and the Ladies

When new Author (Second Chance Runaway)  and Motivational Speaker, Donna Buchanan was a little girl “she expected, hoped, wished and even dreamed about having as normal a life”, as most little girls do. Unfortunately this was not the case for several reasons and her life took a turn that most people would not have ever made it back from!  When she was 14 years old, Donna ran away from home   and directly into the heart of some of the cruelest streets ever. This unfortunately included a non-productive life of crime, drug addiction and a reign of group and individual terror on society as a whole. To cut to the chase  from then to now, those past non-productive, very unhappy years of street life earned  Buchanan an  Second Degree Murder Conviction and a 13 year Prison Sentence. Whereas a human interest story of this nature may be “in your face harsh” life and way to go, for many, this one has a happy ending. The beginning of the silver lining to this former dark cloud is that Donna was a good person at heart who made some rash, senseless decisions back then. Floating around out there somewhere is a quote that says: “Jails, Hospitals and other institutions can sometimes prove to be Angels of mercy.” Clearly true in this case because while in prison Author Buchanan followed her true heart’s desire in trying to “right some of her wrongs”, and in a most unique way indeed. An intensely strong and sincere desire to take responsibility for her prior bad actions, and to begin giving back from a world where she had done so much taking… allowed Donna and some others in need of a “second chance” to become more than just friends. She became a partner in prison centered program titled “Second Chance Greyhounds”- another set of “God’s kids” in need of a second chance. This amazing program allows both the inmates and the dogs to learn from one another, have another shot at love and life overall. While literally keeping each other from boredom, despair and even more unsatisfactory behaviors. In short, Inmates and Greyhound Dogs, in a Prison success program for both species. Excerpt: *Second Chance Greyhounds is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is working to form partnerships with correctional facilities throughout Georgia and Florida who will foster and train former racing Greyhounds to better prepare them for life as a treasured pet. In return for the good manners that they learn, the dogs provide an outlet for the inmates to practice patience, learn responsibility and allow these men and women the opportunity to experience unconditional love for the first time in many years. It’s a very special partnership that benefits both humans and Greyhounds. Donna’s and the Greyhounds prison story became such a rousing success while she was still behind the Florida state prison walls that it was picked up by WE TV. From there it got even better as she was written by Rob & Lucinda Boyd, Founders of the noted Movement: “The Street’s Don’t Love You Back” They told her about their “The Streets Don’t Love You Back” Movement. Rob & Lucinda Boyd invited her to be a part of “TSDLYB” and Buchanan saw the opportunity as another key message from God.  And as a way to tell her story, to educate our youth and definitely a positive way to help others by providing them with pertinent information that would keep them from heading down the murky road that she once took. Since then the Boyd’s, TSDLYB and Donna Buchanan have become family and remain in a mutually favorable, progressive relationship and an even stronger team. “The Boyd’s and countless others on her journey back uphill, have been such an inspiration in my life, says Buchanan”. To state that this unique Woman of God is grateful would be putting it mildly, the sheer joy and humility shines through every part of her. Her photographs capture the twinkle in her beautiful eyes and her now, skilled, centered and eager hands have captured the true story of Donna Buchanan “Second Chance Runaway” The Streets Don’t Love You Back Movement officially kicked off a 2014 National Motivational Speaking/Book Tour for Author’s Robert D Boyd, Jr. Book: “The Streets Don’t Love you back” and Author Donna Buchanan (Second Chance Runaway) Now available for any City, Community, School or other Organization interested in adding them to add us to their agenda for a Speaking Engagements or Media Interviews & Appearances. Interested? Email them:

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