Raheem “Tha Dream” Holt Keeping God First and Climbing the Success Ladder

raheemnKEvinpicRaheem “Tha Dream” Holt is a remarkable, multi-talented young man of God. Some of the titles and assignments shared about him include; comedian, actor, media personality, writer and devout God lover.
A native of Pulaski, TN, Raheem “Tha Dream” Holt later relocated to Nashville, TN and began the next phase of his talented life. His first entertainment industry break came from Mr. C.J Bryant, the owner of “Keep It Going Productions “.

August 2, 2017 is a day that has been well documented for Raheem “Tha Dream” Holt after he received yet another well earned break. That came in the form of a phone call from a Mr. Omar Thompson Visionary/Founder of “One Nine Media and Marketing Co.” It wasn’t exactly a cold call, because the two gentlemen had met previously in 2016.
Once he learned about Raheem “Tha Dream” Holt, Omar decided that he wanted to represent Raheem because he saw something special in him.
The company flew Raheem “Tha Dream” to Dallas, Texas to sign the official Management, Entertainment contract. It would be putting it mildly to say that “things positively exploded on the horizon for the sizzling hot Millennial!”

Even though he is told many times that he is an outstanding, talented, humorous personality and that he has a strong resemblance to celebrity Comedian/Actor Kevin Hart; he remains thankfully humble. The accomplishments are so many to mention and each one of them are important. Since becoming a #MusicCityUSA resident, “Tha Dream” has accomplished a lot great things independently and with others.

His noted skit titled “I Got Robbed” went viral shortly after hitting 4.5 million views across multiple platforms. He’s also made appearances on commercials and television shows aired on ABC, NBC, FOX, and many others. Raheem “Tha Dream” has been featured live on the Dudley and Bob radio show in Austin, Texas to impersonate Kevin Hart for a prank call.

While being the Executive Producer/Host of his own radio show: 1470AM – Nashville “Wee Battle” he has interviewed a myriad of talent and community leaders. When the show runs on air, it is a live show. Chocked full with of amazing interviews of local artist and businesses in and around the Mid-State. Raheem “Tha Dream” Holt is very active and recognized outside of the entertainment industry; leading by example and making a variable difference whenever possible.

Raheem is a vital part of a remarkable organization named: “Above Average.”
It’s an organization of young men and women who gratefully give back to the community and spread messages of hope and promise. Their core message is: “Anything is possible in life and to always strive to be above average.
Now at the blessed age of 25 Raheem “Tha Dream” Holt is a young comedy icon, discussing new deals weekly. He has a bright future ahead of him and definitely one to watch out for. “Stay tuned many new and exciting things are in the making.
During a recent interview, Raheem “Tha Dream” Holt shared some new insight with us. The question and answer session went something like this:
Q.At what age did you accept that God is the head of your life and the creator of all things on earth
A. At the age of 12 years old when I got baptized at Dixon Chapel Presbyterian Church in Pulaski Tennessee
Q. How instrumental is God in allowing your daily success in your decision making –
A. He’s actually 100% with me through all my decisions and giving me signs daily if I’m doing the right thing or not
Q.Would you like to share anything on what else is up in the life of Raheem “Tha Dream” Holt for 2017?
A. Building my brand bigger with my Management Team “1 Nine Media & Marketing” and hit more open mic to start doing standup comedy more and keep inspiring people to chase their dreams.
Q.Please Give us a small synopsis on what it’s looking like in 2018
A. More Success, More Blessings, More Becoming Famous
Indeed one to keep an eye on; Raheem “Tha Dream” Holt is liquid gold, rapidly becoming a household name and more.
Follow Raheem “Tha Dream” Holt online, in person and via various Social Media platforms.

Email Raheem “Tha Dream” Holt – holtraheem@yahoo.com

For Bookings/Appearances Contact Raheem “Tha Dream” Communications Dept.

(931) 478-5243

Media Interviews/Inquires Contact: Deborah A. Culp #GodsWriterGirl (615) 557-6083

Twitter: @Raheemthadream
Instagram: _Raheemthadream
You Tube: Raheem Holt

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