Renee Bobb Enterprises Inc Joins Forces to Assist 50 Plus Population

img_0327 img_0342The beautiful landscape of a warm Nashville night provided the backdrop for a very successful evening. Retired, decorated veteran Renee Bobb is the Founder/CEO of Renee Bobb Enterprises Inc. (aka RBI Enterprises) Her organization joined forces with the AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) “Work For Yourself @ 50 Plus” program. This sought after presentation took place at the North Nashville based Beecher Creek Baptist Church. Old friends and colleagues connected and new relationships were forged throughout the evening. The highlight of the crisp November Thursday was Instructor Bobb and what she brought to the proverbial table that night.
One of the focal points which strongly contributed to the aforementioned success was Ms. Renee’s teaching style. The statuesque, skilled woman took the time to effectively answer all questions and encouraged audience interaction. Being a senior driven workshop, all in attendance was over the age of 50 and each attendee brought their own life lessons and skill set to the event.
Ms. Renee, Pathway’s WBC President Amy Bunton, Center Director Leslie Hayes each taught from the heart and found the group of attentive guests as refreshing. There was no shortage of eagerness to lean or the willingness to participate. Not just surface stuff either, the questions were on point and Ms. Renee once again has proven to be a sensational teacher and vested leader.
Each student was given a well rounded workbook from the AARP Foundation, which includes a myriad of resources right at the readers’ fingertips. In addition to those resources Instructor Bobb provided a few website and search options. She mentioned how crucial it is for business owners to do their homework and that includes. As the evening continue a smooth flow the participants were asked to follow along in the given work book and to complete a nine step action plan worksheet.
The combination of the power point slide sheets and Ms. Bobb’s articulation while teaching proved to be very effective. She made the event fun and user friendly and a bit humorous. The relaxed atmosphere was a perfect fit for everyone. After more final wrap up questions and answers, a self paced homework assignment was given. Phone numbers was exchanged, some deals were being negotiated and it all wrapped up with group picture of the attending class and Instructor Renee Bobb.
For more information about RBI, Enterprises, Inc, Pathways WBC or the Foundation see the websites below.


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