Seasons Change

This weekend’s sudden weather change made me think about how fast seasons can change in our lives. One minute it was raining in Memphis and the next minute it was snowing and snowing and snowing until 8 inches accumulated. Soon the sun came out and after a few hours most of the snow had melted away. Now weather reports predict that by Wednesday it will be up to 70 degrees. Wow! I’m reminded of an old Kirk Franklin song “There must be a God Somewhere”.

There isn’t anyone but a mighty God who can be in control of the unpredictable weather that was demonstrated in Memphis this weekend. Just the same, God is in control when we experience a sudden change of seasons in our lives. One minute you have a job, the next minute you’re laid off. One minute you’re the picture of health, the next minute the doctors have given you a few months to live. One day you have a bank full of money, the next day the money’s all gone to cover debt, medical bills, and other emergencies, etc. One day you’re carrying a child and the next day you discover you’ve miscarried. One minute you are believing for a breakthrough and the next minute you are experiencing your breakthrough. One day all the faith that you’ve exercised for healing for months has finally come to pass and you’ve been healed. In one moment the job you were praying for, the house you were fasting for, the debt you have strived to be released from has been settled and given to you in the blink of an eye.

Seasons change. One thing that is constant is change. One day it may be raining, the next day the sun is shining and the next day brings snow. Just be prepared. Be at peace. Trust God and know that He is in control. Be confident that He has equipped you with the tools (spiritual, physical, mental, emotional) that you need to endure the effects of each season.

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  1. As you stated, change is something that will always be in our lives. We will also experience positive and negative changes at different intervals of our walk on this earth. But, the one true thing we can always count on to be consistent is GOD. It is so important that we remember that God’s word is constant and real. No matter what changes we experience, we can find peace in knowing that we can always count on God to never change, no matter what!

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