Serenity House Celebrates 2 Years of Providing a Place of Peace, Hope and More

drtoi drtoi1 drtoi2 drtoi3 drtoi4 drtoi7 drtoi8Happy Birthday and blessings abound to the Clarksville, Tennessee based Serenity House Women’s’ Shelter, Inc. Celebrating 2 years of seamless kingdom work service and invaluable community outreach.
Serenity House Women’s Shelter Inc. (SHWS, Inc.) is a 501 (3) (c) non-profit organization founded in December 2012 by Dr. Toi Dennis. We have a simple mission: to provide transitional housing and supportive services for homeless mothers and their children. Mothers and their children will be able to stay in a safe caring environment while they work to achieve independent living.
Mothers will be able to achieve their goals through participation in a careful and well-rounded program designed to help families thrive and strive for excellence. Currently SHWS, Inc. Do not have their own facility and that doesn’t stop Dr. Dennis or her innovative team from serving the needs of those who reach out to her.
“Since it all belongs to God, we can join forces in knowing that he is the ultimate Realtor and the brick and mortar home is already on the way.” The women and children who pass that way are given a solid platform and basis to restructure their lives (or being a new life), provided structure and groomed for the ultimate success; to make a variable difference overall.
A recent “running chat” with the always smiling, Founder/CEO (Dr Dennis) caught up with her and her tireless team, stuffing bags, boxes, sorting donations of toys, and other needed items for the families holiday season. Dr Dennis is on point and very serious about the organization but she knows the importance of the goodness, fun and positivity of their sincere service work. The beautiful and revealing photographs featured, allowed the intensity of God’s grace and mercy to shine through; while telling a story “without words!”
Time only allowed for a few key questions, and the; beautiful wife and mother, a Proud Gamma Rho Inc Sorrier, the 2014 “Leading Ladies Award” recipient and recipient of the January , 2015 “SHEROE Award” – Dr. Toi Neshae Dennis, graciously granted DIVINE Magazine the answers.

Questions posed to Dr. Dennis: 1. why did you start the Shelter? 2. Will it be the only one, or do you have plans to extend it? 3. What are a few things that can provide immediate help to the clients?
Answers granted: Growing up I experienced several hardships to include being homeless. I can relate to the work that I do personally and professionally. I started Serenity House Women’s Shelter Inc. because there isn’t a transitional shelter for women and children in the Clarksville, TN area.
I have a passion for working with people and have completed extensive research on homelessness and how it effects children’s mental and behavior health.
2. We will be 2yrs old on December 19, 2014. I do plan to create more Serenity House Women’s Shelter Inc. in future; this is one of my goals for the future.
3. Currently, we are able to offer outreach services. We can provide referrals to other resources in the area. We offer life skills outreach/counseling. Recently we just started our Rapid Re-housing Program, which allows us to help Women & Children find a place expensive as long as they have steady income to live and help with some of the move in, expensive as long as they have steady income. We provide clothing, toilettes, food and items to help one have their basic needs met, stated Dr. Dennis.

We are need of our facility so that we can fully operate and house women and children no regular basis. We do help with emergency stay as well, hotel vouchers. SHWS, Inc accepts donations year round , but loving donors are encouraged to call ahead before dropping them off.
Monetary donations are gratefully accepted through their website.
There is no donation too small. Dr Toi Dennis and her team, thanks everyone for their time and support. Thanking you in advance on behalf of Dr. Dennis and the Serenity House Women’s Shelter, Inc.
Shero Anthem Awards and “Shero of the Month” website:
Leading Ladies Website:

Serenity House Women’s Shelter Inc.
PO BOX 31251 * Clarksville, TN 37040
(931) 320 -9485

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