Session 1 – From Passion to Profit a systematic approach to success

On Thursday March 30, 2017, many registered attendees will take advantage of a remarkable and well in reach opportunity. “From Passion to Profit a systematic approach to success.”
It’s one thing to be passionate about your big idea; it’s another, to make a living out of it. This workshop will teach attendees how to get started.
Basic, but very important matters like the following (and more) will be addressed. How do I start a business? Do I need a business plan? How do I create a business plan? How do I know if I have a good idea?
These are just some of the questions this workshop will answer. Featuring a presentation, a breakout session and a question and answer session to give you plenty of opportunity to get the information you need.
We promise to leave our participants with practical advice and action items that can be implemented immediately, to help get them to where you want to be. “To make matters even better, refreshments will be served” Seats are limited but there is still time to register!
Workshop Schedule
5p – 5:30p – Part 1
5:30p – 5:45 – Refreshments
5:45 – 6p – Breakout
6p – 6:30p – Part 2
6:30p – 7p – Question and Answer Session

About The BIG IDEA

Do you have a big business idea? Are you currently a business owner looking to go to the next level? Join us each month for “The BIG IDEA” one effective team’s inroad to success.

A workshop series created to expose entrepreneurship to the new and, to develop the skills of, the experienced. Featuring lessons from top local entrepreneurs. All geared to help you “Turn your BIG IDEAS into reality”.

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