Steve Hemphill – 35 People Who Inspire


Name: Steve Hemphill

Age: 55

Occupation: Author/Inspirational Speaker

Hobbies:  Woodwork, Hunting, & Traveling

Church/Place of Worship: I consider myself simply a non-denominational Christian, & I travel so much & speak to every kind of church group, that fits me!  I believe the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, and Jesus is the only way to Heaven!

Ministry Involvement:  My book on heaven, “My Search for the Real Heaven” sort of took off after it’s release, so I sold the technology company I owned for 28 years and now devote full-time to speaking & writing.  The heaven book was released this past Summer in Spanish, and as an audio book (on iTunes).  I just finished a companion workbook for use in ChristianSchools, small groups, and Bible classes that is in the process of being released right now.

Community Service: I help with Missions on many levels, including being the outreach speaker in Honduras last year.  I am going to the American Samoa next Summer for the same.  I have helped with Children’s reading programs in local schools for many underprivileged children, and have spoken to young people in many colleges and high schools since my book released.

Favorite Leisure Activity: Woodwork relaxes me and gives me something interesting to do.  When you research, think, & write for a living, it’s nice to do something with your hands.  I am a diabetic, so I also walk for about 30 minutes twice a day.

What is your definition of an Inspirational person: An Inspirational person is someone who tells stories that make you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself; that make you want to help and serve others.  They spur you on to a lifestyle that will matter in eternity.

What is the difference between someone who inspires vs. someone who gives false hope:  People who give false hope talk big, but do little. They sometimes sound impressive, but don’t exhibit a life that sets a pace others will aspire to.  Inspirational people have real experiences to share that truly give other hope when they hear them.  And inspirational people back up their words with deeds that inspire others to run on that track.

What legacy do you plan to leave for your children/those that look up to you: That’s a great question, and I have thought about it a lot lately. One of the interesting things that is happening with my heaven book is that some board members from Christian schools in Texas are so thrilled with the new workbook that they are working to get it included and offered to ChristianSchools all over the state of Texas.  It’s fun and exciting to see what God will do next with that.

As far as inspiring my OWN 3 boys, I hope my book does that on a deeper and deeper level as they grow older.  They have all watched me do my best to be a Christian father as they grew up, but as we grow older, we become more retrospective about life events we witnessed as we matured, so I hope they re-read the book when they are old, and are even more inspired with what they remember about our life together.

On Following Dreams: God is active nudging us along toward the works He created us for.  Most of us ignore these gentle nudges.  God doesn’t usually throw someone face down in the dirt the direction He wants them to go—though He did do that with the Apostle Paul—God put a dream in your heart, urging you toward that purpose.  And He is that still small voice, nudging you toward it.  Don’t miss that.

On Saturdays, one can usually find me: mowing the lawn, doing woodwork, or visiting one of my sons for the weekend.

What is your favorite quote/scripture:  “The eyes of the Lord search to and fro across the earth to find those whose hearts are fully committed to Him so He can support them.” 2 Chronicles 16:9

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years:  Busy with speaking engagements and coordinating that with the other books I plan to write. It’s already busy, but seems to be picking up the further along I get…

In 10 years: Trying to leave a legacy that truly makes a difference—I want to get the world excited about heaven SO THAT they will get excited about evangelism.  If we aren’t excited about our final destination, we aren’t excited about taking others with us!

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