Summer Excursions on a Budget

jandjSummer is officially here! It’s a great time to get out and enjoy time with your children, friends and family. One of the reasons that people look forward to the summer months is the ability to vacation. But, while the economy as a whole has seen a positive upswing as of late, many households are still struggling to make ends meet. If you have school aged children, you have to consider the increase in expenses that include food, childcare, summer camps, toiletries, utilities, etc. because they are out of school for the summer.  It’s possible to have a great summer filled with fun activities AND do so on a budget. Over the years, I’ve come to discover some interesting and economical ways to have a fantastic summer experience. I’ll share a few of them here with you.

Look for coupons. Check your local newspaper, as well as websites such as Groupon for coupons and discounts for resorts, plays, theme parks and more. You’d be amazed at the deals that get overlooked. Google your favorite theme park and check for promotions. If you have a pretty flexible schedule, you may find that weekday excursions are less expensive than going on the weekend.

Contact your local attractions for deals. If you’re a TN resident, did you know that you can visit the National Civil Rights museum on Mondays for FREE on Mondays? Did you know that the Memphis Zoo has a special rate on Tuesdays? Contact your theaters, museums, theme parks, etc. to see if there are special rates for children or senior citizens.

Review your local publications. In Memphis, we have publications to include The Memphis Flyer and The Downtowner which lists activities that are taking place in the community. Many of the activities listed are free or of very minimal cost.

Go to the Drive Inn instead of the movie theater. When you go to the drive inn, you’re able to take your own snacks, you can usually see two movies and it’s less expensive.

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