Swift Tabernacle Sr. Pastor’s Birthday- Sunday Service August 24, 2014

We hope to see you there joining, Sr. Pastor Leon McKinley Corder Jr., when this man of God blesses others with the spoken word on his birthday on Sunday 11:00am. August 24, 2014. Everyone near and far, are invited and welcome to join him. Sunday is known to many worldwide, as being a day of added worship and bountiful fellowship blessings. Swift Tabernacle Baptist Church is centrally located at 905 Clay St., on the corner of 10th Ave, in Nashville, TN.
Leon Mc Kinley. Corder, Jr. is the second of four children, born to Linda E. Petway and Leon M. Corder, Sr. According to his mother, he was always a spiritual child. From a very young age, he emulated Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He also gives credit to his stepfather, Edward Petway. His mother maintains that she always knew he would be a minister, even though he was known as the “class clown” in his youth.
Pastor Corder has always believed his calling is to win people (souls) to Christ. In following this calling, he founded Vine Hill Community Baptist Church in January, 2001. He was Senior Pastor of this church body until God sent him, in the same capacity, to Swift Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church on March 19, 2006. On June 4, 2006, the two church bodies merged under the already established name of Swift Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church. Under this anointed shepherd, God is blessing the Swift Church family in countless ways. Membership has increased from 24 active members to over 300 dedicated and committed members. Under the spiritual leadership of Pastor Corder, members are actively participating in ministries that make a positive difference in people’s lives, in both the church and the community. Pastor Corder pledged Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated in 2009.
Pastor Corder became a Graduate of American Baptist College in May, 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Bible Theology. He recently was blessed to receive his Masters of Science Degree from Trevecca Nazarene College in May of 2013.
Sr. Pastor Corder is married to Audrey Ray Corder, who is dedicated to the Women’s Ministry at Swift. They have one son Louis, who is attending college out of state, continuing to excel academically and is deeply loved by his parents.
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