The 16th Annual Martin Luther King Fellowship Breakfast Packed the House






mebishopbWith a tagline that proudly says: ‘Law, Life and Passion’ the Nashville, Tennessee based mega law firm was already off to a great start. On Monday January 16, 2017 Bone McAllester Norton PLLC presented their 16th Annual Martin Luther King (MLK) Fellowship Breakfast and the event command audience was standing room only!

Bone McAllester Norton PLLC is a full-service business law firm with offices in Nashville, Sumner County and Williamson County, Tennessee. Founded in 2002 with a focus on high-quality work, client satisfaction and community involvement, the firm consists today of more than 40 attorneys with an extensive range of practices and experiences. “We function under a commitment to accessibility, responsiveness, cost-effectiveness and professionalism and focus on building creative and strategic solutions for every client” says the firm.

Handling the Press and Media for such a large and memorable event was the esteemed duGard Agency, Perri duGard Founder/CEO.As always Lady duGard handled every aspect of the event with elegance, and staunch professionalism. Attending to the needs and concerns of the media and guest and numerous attendees in the packed banquet room

Regina McCrary and the world renown McCrary Sisters and Reverend Lawrence Thomison set the tone with their heartfelt Gospel music renditions. Both are legendary
in the Christian/Gospel music industry, with years bringing passionate spiritual talent to listeners worldwide. Nashville’s first lady, the honorable Mayor Megan Barry, Charles Bone and other dignitaries addressed the audience. The excited and grateful crown consisted of elected officials, business owners, civil servants and ironically families with children in tow for the historic event, of all ages.

Ambassador Andrew Young delivered a powerful keynote address; a tribute to Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. All which reflected on both, previous economic, civil rights and political circumstances as well as current events and matters affecting us as American people. Local and national Press and Media from all genres covered the noted event.

Since there were too many present to solicit quotes from, a few did weigh in below:

As Dr. Katherine Y. Brown, Executive Director of RBW PH Awareness Group explained, “Ambassador Andrew Young was inspiring. As he shared the history of his life’s journey, we also heard a call to action to serve and continue the legacy of Dr. King by paving the way for the youth in our community. This was a well planned and organized event that brought community leaders together who are committed to others. It was a great way to start MLK Day.”

Bishop Calvin Barlow of Lowbar Publishing Company, Nashville, TN. spoke with the living legend asked him his opinion on various issues. These were Ambassador Young’s responses. If he had to give a title for his speech, it would have been “The Revenge of Reality”. His concern about the election is not that Mr. Trump won but, “What is God trying to tell us?” “The United States was born on the shoulders of the printing press.” “We are going to be in turmoil for the next 50 or 60 years.”“There is not a shortage of money but a shortage of ideas”. “Government does not have money. The funds are in the private sector.” “Safety plus honesty plus efficiency equal profitability for all”.

Tunisia Scott ,Publisher/CEO Tennessee Minority Pages /‘Spotlight Tennessee’ and Antonio Van Scott – StarChild Productions both stated that “we are proud to be a part of such a successfully produced, recognition event for the esteemed civil rights legend, Reverend-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He is one of many who paved the way for minority entrepreneurs like us to do what we do professionally and for our community at large. Without the landmark work and the tenacious fight that he and his followers put in, we would not be sitting where we are today, so thank you Dr. King.”
Overall the 16th Annual MLK Fellowship Breakfast will be fondly remembered for some time to come. Another reason for the ‘proud lady known as Nashville and Music City USA to stand up and take a well deserved bow.

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