The unlimited value of Christian publishing in today’s society

CCJJkat CCCKatWith the seemingly endless stream of new authors, standard or self published categories’ come the various age groups and literary topics. For years books have been considered our road maps to success, tools to guide and enrich our character and our lives as a whole, on any level. These old friends teach, enlist, and may even be their proverbial glue which holds that “little, something” firmly into place for how long or the time necessary.

Back to the myriad of radio, television and of course, print and internet advertisements offering lay away or expedited payment plans. The publishing categories may cover different genres from Christian to secular types of packages. Some even offer children and teen categories complete with written and full media reviews as well.

A Lowbar Publishing Company well earned, esteemed motto is said to have spoken volumes without even trying hard!” (Lowbar Publishing Company, Knowledge is Priceless). Their full service website never forgoes good old fashion merits of attention to detail, quality or customer service in the interim. What’s different in the world of Lowbar Publishing for the fresh new year of 2018 as opposed to 2017?

A good and quickly detailed service plan that can include revised older topics up to fresh newer topics. A real attention getter, children to teen topic books such as( C.J. Goes to School) Which is part real , educational and part fun-tastic.

This story tells the life of the author and his pet cat, C. J. At the age of fifty, the author found C. J., as a baby kitten, abandoned in his backyard. One day while the author was sitting on the back steps of his house, a little cat came to him and said, “MEwee”—and the rest is history. At the time, the author was a pastor and substitute teacher. In this story, the author imagines that C. J. goes to school to learn grammar. C. J.’s name comes from the author’s first name and that of his son, John.

Satisfaction guaranteed…..

“Lowbar is a small publishing company that does big things for its authors. Email us today!”


Golden thoughts are as nature locked in the mystery of the mind waiting to be discovered!

We publish fiction and non-fiction books for families and institutions. In addition to publishing, we offer distribution opportunities for recording artists and other self-published authors.
Lowbar is a Barnes & Noble vendor and an Ingram’s suppliers.

We can help you find a textbook or the latest best-seller. Lowbar Publishing Company is unique with attention to detail and quality customer service.

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