Thistle Farms Making A Variable Difference In Our World * Part I.

Founder/Thistle FarmsAuthor - Snake Oil and More

Founder/Thistle Farms
Author – Snake Oil and More

Thistle Farms Rocks

Thistle Farms Rocks

Help Us Employ 15 More Women

Mother and  Daughter "Thistle Farmers"

Mother and Daughter “Thistle Farmers”

Ben Caldwell: Sculpturer &Tara Armistead -Landscaper

Ben Caldwell: Sculpturer &Tara Armistead -Landscaper

It’s often stated that “nothing happens by accident in our lives or there are no coincidences.” From the perspective of living life on life’s own terms and personal experience, this writer would definitely say that both statements are true. What literally began as research for another previously written article is the forthcoming story of our Creator’s unconditional love, grace and mercy. And how a vision and some unique ideas have led to a solid platform for countless lives which would have been captivated by ongoing pain, suffering & regret or cut short without it. If the sheer concept (after wrapping my head around it….) wasn’t enough to touch the core of this writer girl’s heart, accepting an invitation to sit in on a Wednesday morning Meditation, drove it home! But let’s step back a tad bit shall we, being a new resident to Nashville, TN (aka: Music City USA) and obviously curious and about this place – is seriously a question sparker.
While out with family and friends one evening, I was seated next to a lady named Katrina, one of the “Thistle Farmers.” Before then I’d already been in touch with Rev. Becca Stevens’ office and a few other “Thistle Farmers” in regards to information gathering for writing the article(s). In just making what I thought would be general conversation, I said to her “so ma’am, what do you do for a living?” Innocent enough, (so I thought). When she replied in that sweet soft spoken voice of hers, laced with an obvious air of pride: “I am the National Sales Director for Thistle Farms.” I replied, “What did you just say?” Taking it back to the aforementioned statements of “nothing in this world happens by accident and there are no coincidences.”
A call into “Thistle Farms” prompted a soothing, guided explanation of what to expect at the workshop by receptionist Rita. Generally not much makes this seasoned journalist nervous, but upon arriving early for the Wednesday meditation and observing a very empty room fill up quickly, the butterflies became very real. Why? Past personal experiences and observations into the lives of other women who have been through any of the degradations and awful circumstances that foster such amazing life rafts such as “Thistle Farms”, helped spawn the mixture of emotion within myself, and in that room. What a joy it was to be reunited with Courtney from an earlier “Thistle Stop Café” visit and to meet Stayce, Jennifer, Jordan, Tish, Deb, Sheri, Tim, Marlei and some of the other “Thistle Farmers” previously met by telephone or email.
This special entity and lifesaving program that was founded in 1997 by Reverend Becca Stevens is known across the globe as “Thistle Farms.” Rev. Becca is an Episcopal Priest and also the esteemed founder of “Magdalene”, the residential communities of women who have survived prostitution, trafficking and addiction; a two year program. The bedrocks of “Thistle Farms” are the “Thistle Farmers”, an ongoing group of very grateful women who share the day to day operations and responsibilities of the organization.
An onsite pre-scheduled tour by our insightful and thorough tour Guide, Jennifer of this innovative, life changing nonprofit 501© 3 organization will open of a world of original hand-made or hand sewn art. A variety Useful, bio-degradable delightful products all made from the well trained and capable hands of various “Thistle Farmers” and the “Thistle Stop Café.” Like everything else “Thistle Farms” – the Café is a wonderful entity to experience and a story within a story. Oh did we mention the part of the “Thistle Stop Café” where the individual, one of a kind Tea Cups, tell their own story and the myriad of great coffees, tea and light fares to choose from?
Each of the products are made and sold onsite, on-line, or at what Rev. Becca calls “Tupperware Party’s with a conscience” at an individual’s home. Exactly one hundred percent of the proceeds to be donated back into the organization. A really big deal for an organization that helps to heal body & souls one woman at a time. All Bath & body care products hand-made by women who have survived violence, prostitution & addiction. A community dedicated to healing & unconditional love.
When it comes to the 2 year “Magdalene “program , the Café’, the various products, the blessed “Thistle Farmers” or anything involving “Thistle Farms” it’s literally a never ending thread of goodness and news to share. Recently “Thistle Farms” launched a “15 for 15- Help employ 15 more women campaign.” It began on June 1, 2014 and runs through July 15, 2014. Please support them by purchasing their products or award winning books. Such as the award winning literary page turner: “Snake Oil” Authored by Rev. Becca Stevens. Quote: “Becca Stevens calls herself a snake oil seller. Because she has capitalized on taking natural oils, mixing them with a good story, and sells them in an open market- and believes that they help heal the world.” Keep in mind that the “Thistle Farmer’s” will gladly ship the products anywhere in the world to their invaluable customers.
Please follow our Mini-Series: “Thistle Farms Making a Variable Difference in Our World” here or contact them via the information shared below. “Love Heals” No truer motto and flower: the Thistle could be more fitting!” *Special Thanks to all of the “Thistle Farmers”, the website and Rev. Becca Stevens for their valuable time and hospitality shared thus far.
Thistle Farms:
5122 Charlotte Pike, Nashville, TN 37209
Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 4:00pm
Closed Saturday – Sunday
Thistle Stop Cafe:
5128 Charlotte Pike, Nashville, TN 37209
Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 3:00pm
Saturday, 8:00am – 4:00pm
Café Website:
Twitter: @thistlefarms
You Tube: thistlefarmsoftn
Snake Oil can also be purchased via
Main Website: www.thistlefarms/org

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