Trent Shelton On Rehabilitating Real Men

Rehabilitating Real Men

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After a tumultuous four years in the National Football League along with some hard life lessons, Trent Shelton learned the importance of undergoing emotional and spiritual rehabilitation. Through his amazing evolution, Trent has gone from sharing the football sideline with Peyton Manning to becoming one of the top motivational speakers in the nation, a successful fitness coach, and a sought after cultural figure whose very purpose is to inspire. TrentShelton is rehabbing the hopes and dreams of others one life at a time and he has a message specifically for young men.

“The main thing that I try to get across to young men is to embrace who you are!”

Trent’s message of self-assertion flies in the face of culture, which has targeted young men through social messages of moral and individual compromise. According to Trent, there is a battle waged on young men by the world. The world wants men to conform to its own ever changing and elusive image, preventing them from being the self-made men for which they should strive to be. Citing specifically the negative influence of Hip Hop music, with its false images of materialistic success and meaningless messages of promiscuity, on young men, Trent warns guys, “the world is trying to change you. Your main gift is our uniqueness.”

How do men retain that gift of uniqueness?  “Faith in God,” Trent says with striking confidence.  “Faith in God is it.  Having faith in God is the most important thing you can do in life.”


Trent supports his message of faith-based masculine maturity and being true to self with the foundation of scripture, “The Bible is our guide.” An active relationship with God coupled with a constant reading of scripture, men can reclaim their identities and live lives truest to who they are.

Not only does Trent talk the talk but he also walks the walk. He launched a non-profit organization, Rehab Time (Renew Every Heart and Body) to be a bridge between the secular and the sacred. By erasing the dividing line that separates the two, his organization is designed to bring people from all walks of life together for a common cause which is to uplift, educate, and empower people in their everyday life. The mission of Rehab Time is to serve as a worldwide community that instinctively promotes change for the better by uplifting, empowering and demonstrating change from the inside out through the development of faith, self, fitness, relationships and leadership. The vision is to become the number one online community and worldwide resource community for the betterment of people. Trent is well on his way to accomplishing his visions and goals; he has a huge following on his social media sites where he is most known for his heart-tugging videos and memes that feature insightful words of wisdom. Trent centers his mission on this message: “Living for God is being real.  Getting into God’s word is the central point of life.”

For Trent, faith in God, embracing how that faith empowers men to embrace their identities, and biblically inspired living are the keys to reclaiming manhood from society’s siege on who men are and how they should live.  As Trent encourages his audiences and numerous social media followers, the time for young men to rehab who they as children of God and to live that identity out in a world that so seeks to diminish their potential is now! And so, men, it’s rehab time.  Take it from Trent, “be true to God and be true to yourself.”

Rehab Time Core Values

• Fitness– I know change starts within, so my body is an outward manifestation of my internal progress.

• Integrity– I will never let the questioning of my character hinder me from reaching the pinnacles of my desires.

• Altruism– I will always let my inner joy come not from receiving, but through my ability to give help to others.

• Responsibility– I will never let any situation be used as an excuse for me to not uphold my responsibility to myself and to others.

• Leadership– I know if I head confidently in a positive direction, not only will others follow, but also in time, it will help others move the same way.

• Spiritually– Even through adversity, God will not only prosper me, but also use my adversities as blessings for others.

 Rehab Time Initiatives

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