GySgt Tee Hanible One of America’s Finest Always Hard at Work For Others

USMCGySgt Tee Hanible & President ObamaGySgt Tee & Husband Donald Hanible Jr.GySgt Tee & Friend In Operations Heroes Connect ModeOperation Heroes ConnectWho is Tee Hanible? A woman of many qualities, talents and commitments.
One off “America’s finest” for sure. She is a competitor in the Ms. Veteran America (Pageant) 2014. She will also be assisting in raising awareness and support for homeless women veterans through the “Final Salute Inc.” organization.
Marine Gunnery Sergeant Tee Hanible is currently serving on active duty in the United States Marine Corps and has proudly served her country for 17 1/2 years. She is currently stationed in Quantico, VA, and is a wife and mother of four.
Featured in Newsweek Magazine and other publications for her outstanding community service, she is also the founder of “Operation Heroes Connect”, a nonprofit that partners service members and veterans as full time mentors to at risk youth.
Tee is also the founder of “Finding Your Vision Expo”, a female empowerment expo that bring motivational speakers and other successful women to share their experiences with women who are looking for sisterhood and motivation. Held annually for a full day of inspiration and empowerment themed events this expo offers seminars, workshops, demonstrations, fashion shows, sampling and shopping.
Ms. Veteran America is indeed a one of a kind Competition which began in 2012.
Founder and CEO Jaspen Boothe, an Army Veteran, Jaspencreated the Ms. Veteran America (Pageant) to showcase the “Woman Beyond the Uniform”. Ms. Veteran America has selected Final Salute Inc. as their non-profit partner.
Ms. Veteran America competition is held in the United States and is open to all Women who are currently serving, or have served honorably in one of the 5 branches of the United States Military.
More about Final Salute Inc:
Can you even imagine any of the brave Women of our US Armed Forces coming back to the very country that they have willingly laid it all on the line for, without fail or hesitation…. Becoming homeless? Thought provoking indeed, now add to that the bulk of this growing population Single Mothers or women! Something to wrap ones head around for sure, but an even better wrap is a do-able solution. One that WE ALL can take part in. Hence the launch of the “Final Salute Inc.” non-profit organization.

Final Salute Inc: Providing Safe & Suitable Housing ForHomeless Female Veterans
Final Salute is the Beneficiary of the Ms Veteran America competition. All proceeds from the event will aid in continuing to provide homes for homeless female Veterans and their children.
“Final Salute Inc.” was founded in 2010 by a Female Veteran and cancer survivor who became aware of the large number of homeless female Veterans. There are currently over 55,000 homeless female Veterans nationwide. Over half of all homeless female Veterans are single mothers.
“Final Salute Inc.” was formed to fill a critical need for an organization that was actively engaged and designed to meet the evolving and unique needs of homeless Female Veterans and their children. While our Veterans are no longer serving on the front lines in foreign wars, our homeless female Veterans are at the back of the line when seeking housing and other supportive services.
“Final Salute Inc.” is one of few organizations in the DC Metro Area and only one of a handful across the nation that specifically supports the housing needs of homeless Female Veterans and their children. You can also support them “Final Salute Inc.” through CFC#57897.
For additional information about Contestant GySgt Tee Hanible:
Please see: Tee Hanible for Ms. Veteran America 2014

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