Warm Coats and Warm Hearts in Nashville

In 1998, the Nashville based Granny White Church of Christ began the “Warm Hearts Warm Coats” program as a way to help those who have found themselves in need during the harsh winter months. Many times we don’t think about people not being able to afford simple things such as a coat to wear when it’s cold outside, but for those who are deciding between feeding their family and buying a new coat, it can be a hard decision.

This year the giveaway takes place November 14, 2015 and the doors at 9:00 AM CDT, and there is a line which forms as early as day break; not to worry because everyone generally gets served. . They operate on a first come, first serve basis. We allow a certain number of people in at a time, and we ask that everyone take one heavy coat and one light weight coat per person in their family. The church works on the honor system and is counting on everyone else to do the same so that everyone who has waited patiently in line gets served.
Last year food boxes were passed out, as they were available. The Church staff goes the extra mile to make everyone feel at home. The jury is still out on what’s warmer, their hearts or the beautiful array of coats. It’s not meant to be a fashion statement but the vast selection of coats for most sizes men and women remain a blessing and are on time for the weather ahead. For more information or to get involved for next year’s “Warm Hearts – Warm coats” Drive please check the church information below. Thanksgiving will come early for countless people in need this year.
Church Office Phone Number – 615.292.6679
Fax – 615.292.6646
Address –
3805 Granny White Pike
Nashville, TN 37204


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