What’s So Great About Pinterest?


Yet another Social Media Site has emerged and millions of people are flocking over to Pinterest.com to see what all the uproar is about. Pinterest is a board-based Social Media Site that allows its users to create unique boards and pin photographs that spark their interest. Photographs can be pinned and re-pinned by users all over the world who share a common interest. All this pinning and shared interests help you to understand the origin of the name PINTEREST. So, the question that you may be pondering is whether you should jump on the Pinterest bandwagon or not. I have compiled 5 reasons why you should use Pinterest and whether it’s a good fit for your business:

  1. If your target market is WOMEN, then you definitely should create a Pinterest page for your business. According to statistics, women spend more time on Pinterest than on Facebook & Twitter put together. Reason being, they get to browse around for recipes, clothes, home/office organization ideas, craft ideas and even teaching ideas for the kids.
  2. If you’re selling a product then Pinterest will work great for you. Unlike selling a service, Pinterest will allow you to create boards that boldly display your different types of products and then you’re able to post vivid images of your products which will evoke a purchase faster than on any other social network.
  3. When guests visit your Pinterest site, they will get a quick glimpse of your products. With this being the case, you can set your Pinterest site up to truly reflect the mission and purpose of your company. NOTE: Search some of your favorite companies to see how they’ve set their Pinterest sites up.
  4. Your competitors may not get¬†on the Pinterest bandwagon and this will give you a huge jump on the competition. Your fans like to know that you are a company with a¬†progressive spirit. Moving to Pinterest will certainly help you to go exactly where your current fans and your competitor’s fans are!
  5. Guage which products are the most popular with Pinterest’s FOLLOW feature and the REPIN feature. Fans have the option to follow all of your boards but if more fans seem to follow a certain board then it will give you great insight into the needs of your fans/customers. In the same way, when fans repin your pins of products or ideas, this also lets you know that you are speaking the language that your fans understand.

Facebook is still very valuable for building relationships with your fan base. Your clients look forward to your daily questions and daily words of wisdom. Twitter is still very important to expand your circle of followers from Memphis to Malaysia. Your tweets can be re-tweeted and picked up by Tweetbots to keep you in front of tons of people. So, Facebook and Twitter are still very valuable tools but if any of the reasons above fit the mission of your business, then it’s definitely worth giving Pinterest a try.

If you need help setting up your Pinterest account or maintaining it, email mtlycommunications@gmail.com.

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