Who Is Samantha Pointer?

Samantha Pointer is a virtual real life genius and one of the hardest working young women in her industry.
She is a Technology Organizing Consultant, Automation Specialist and founder of Get IT Together! A single mom whose pride shows in her voice when even talking about her diverse work.
“I can be anywhere with technology, face it, the virtual world is where it is at and here to stay. My advice to those fearful of it is to take it slow, to start small. Social Media and emailing is often a good option and often the gateway to more online business,” stated Samantha.
She is a savvy entrepreneur who coaches other entrepreneurs on all levels, in the art of all things technology. Samantha and her talents give true meaning to the validity if the 21st century. A milestone and fact of life that it is here to stay “and not just for teenagers.”
Coaching is her passion and each entrepreneur she coordinates with benefits the full realm of her counsel. Samantha bridges the gap between technology and organization with consulting, workshops, and online trainings. Samantha has over 19 years of experience previously working with clients who have ADD, ADHD, Hoarding Issues, Chronically Disorganized and the Technology Challenged. She also has over 10 years experience as a Web Designer.
When practically everything calls for an APP or some sort of download to utilize, eventually some form of training will be necessary. She is widely known as the “Technology Organizingguru”, Samantha teaches her clients that automation and utilizing technology can help save them time, money, increase productivity, reduce stress and increase the bottom line in their business. Samantha bridges the gap between technology and organization with consulting, workshops, and online trainings.
Her credentials are even more impressive, she holds a BS in Business/E-Business. Samantha’s advice, insight and knowledge of organizing and technology has been showcased locally and nationally on Nashville’s Morning Line, In Your Prime, A&E’s Hoarders, The Tennessean, Williamson Harold, Nashville Business Journal, Consumer Reports and many other publications and books.
For more information or bookings contact: (615) 392-0103
Call to action at strategy call see: organizingguru.com/15

Email: smpointer@gmail.com


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