What Does Your Life Say About You?



What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “Worship”?  Is it the praise and worship leader saying, “lift your hands and worship God because he’s been good”?  When some people hear or think of the word worship, they may think of the lifting up of hands toward heaven, or bowing down in humble submission.  Many people may hear or feel a million different things when this word is heard or comes to mind.  It seems now we live in a time when worship is popular I guess one could say.  Nowadays everybody is in to praise and worship, and almost every church  has a praise and worship leader; I know mine does!

Have you ever thought about worship outside of the four walls of church?  Or maybe fallen deep into worship at home when no one else is around?  Either way is great if it honors God and is truthful meaning not for show or because you hear your favorite song….God is a Spirit and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth; John 4:24

How do you feel when you are in worship mode?  I sometimes associate being in worship the same as when a dog sees their owner.  Have you ever witnessed how excited the animal is when they see someone they know loves them?  It’s the same way with God!  But a lifestyle of worship isn’t just going through certain motions all the time and being in the four walls where you are comfortable, worship is about the life you live before people everyday!  With that being said, I still have to show a worshipful spirit when things just aren’t going my way.  My question to you is whether things are going right or all the way wrong, will your life show you are a worshipper who worships in spirit and in truth?

Be Worshipful,


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  1. Sis. This is a wonderful blog and through it I know that God is going to be Glorified and you will be blessed! This is a way to open up understanding and gain knowledge about Worship for many. God’s word says “My people are destroyed for Lack of knowledge”. Keep up the good work Sis.
    love you much !

  2. I just got a 5 minute break and decide to sit down and read this blog. Great job Tamara. Worship is about our life and how we live for Him. May we continue to learn and grow into people who always live a life of worship to give Him love and glory. Great blog.

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